Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quiroga and Galmarini: New "Millonarios"

After an unsuccessful attempt to bring back Roberto Ayala, River have finally achieved the incorporqtion of Facundo Quiroga. The 30-year old Argentine defender has been the main target to reinforce River's defense for the last three years, yet Aguilar had never been successful in completing his objective till now. Facundo's arrival finally became accessible recently, due to the expiration of his contract with Wolfsburg of Germany.

Quiroga will arrive to the club as a free agent full of years of experience. He officially debuted as a professional football player at Newell's Old Boys with just 19 years of age. Less than a year later, he was transfered to Sporting Lisbon of Portugal, where he began a European career that lasted ten years. He raked up over 240 games, combining his appearances in Sporting Lisbon, Napoli, and Wolfsburg. He was also featured on the Argentine National Team a total of sixteen times under the guidance of Marcelo Bielsa. He definitely seems as a good acquisition, who could help erase some of River's defensive problems.

Facundo Quiroga's transfer is also complimented by that of Martin Galmarini. Galmarini, a less known player, is a 26-year old who will be arriving from Tigre. He is less likely to rush in to a spot in the first team for now, though Simeone considers him as an interesting alternative for Ferrari (the ex-Tigre player can play either as a right-back or as a right midfielder).

Aguilar will now aim to fulfill Simeone's other request by bringing in Santiago Salcedo. The Paraguayan forward has a heavy price tag on him, but both River and Salcedo are very enthusiatic with the possibility of completing the operation. In fact, Caruso Lombardi (Newell's coach) no longer considers him a Newell's player and believes he is well on his way to Nunez.

As for other transfers, Simeone wants another central defender (Yepes recently expressed his desire to return). Alexis Sanchez could also be heading back to the Monumental: River are currently trying to find a business group to purchase part of his transfer and bring him back.


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