Friday, July 11, 2008

Oscar Ahumada: Uncertain Future

When it comes to controversies, Oscar Ahumada has been the first one on the list lately. Upon River's incredible elimination in the Copa Libertadores in May of this year, Ahumada made some shocking remarks to the press, suggesting that the loss came in the hands of the fans who were momentarily silent after San Lorenzo's first goal. He even went furthur than this and praised arch-rivals Boca Juniors fanbase.

Many River fans were upset with his comments, and most were hoping that he lost his spot in the first team. Despite that, Diego Simeone decided to stick with his usual tactics and kept Ahumada as one of the starting eleven players. Oscar slowly began regaining the respect of the fans, and his declarations were soon left behind.

It's been less than two months since this occured, but Ahumada is at it again. This time he didn't critisize anybody, but has made his future at the club uncertain: Jose Maria Aguilar had been negociating a new contract with the defensive midfielder for a while now (his old contract expired on June 30th), though no resolution has been made as of yet. There is said to be a clause on that contract which would make him a River player for an additional two years (till 2010), though Ahumada has decided to play the role of the blind man who knows nothing of this. Still, River have offered a new contract (worth $500,000 dollars annually), yet he wants more. Not only is he requesting to be one of the best paid players in the whole Argentine league ($800,000 a year), but he also wants to be paid a certain amount of money the club had owed him. Notice I said "had owed him", because an agreement had previously been reached to erase this debt in exchange for 10% of a future transfer fee. Many directives of the club believe that Oscar is making things complicated because he'd rather leave to another club as a free agent and recieve a juicy contract, as well as all of the transfer fees.

There will be another meeting held between Aguilar and Ahumada this afternoon. Our President is expected to offer him the contract he requests since Simeone stated he is an important part of the team. I personally wouldn't mind seeing him leave: I didn't take his comments about our fans in a good manner, he seems like a thief who puts money over the club who gave him everything, and I'd love to see Nicolas Domingo given more opportunities (the youngster is behind Ahumada and Ponzio and receives very little minutes). Updates will be posted as soon as the situation is resolved.

As for Robert Flores's arrival, more details on the transfer have been made public. Unlike Alexis Sanchez's loan (I had made an incorrect comparison to it in my previous post), River will actually have a chance to purchase part of the Uruguayan's transfer. Villarreal have given River the option to buy 30% of his rights in exchange for 1.75 million euros. The loan will be free unless "los Millonarios" lift a trophy at the end of the season: in the case of a local tournament -such as the Apertura and Clausura- the Spaniards will be owed 75,000 euros. Winning the Sudamericana and/or Libertadores, on the other hand, will raise the fee to 100,000 euros. A positive to the acquisition is that River may end up gaining free money: despite not currently holding any of his transfer rights, 15% of his next transfer will be owed to us if he is sold within the next 12 months. Not nearly as bad as I thought. Hopefully we get to see him stick around for more than a year, though.


ron said...

im suprised the fans still tolerate him...

loes said...

I like Ahumada, he is a great player!
And Ron, stop dreaming about Falcao going to Feyenoord!
Heb zelfs op de Argentijnse websites daar nooit wat over gehoord! :)

Nick said...

Interesting about the % of Flores River are getting, I wouldn't have expected that. Anyways I hope he has a fruitful spell at El Monumental.

christian said...

Great breakdown of the situation. Personally I hope he stays, because after all the controversy he did have a very good second half of the season.

ron said...

Great players belong to great teams!

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