Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ahumada Staying, Legend Returning?

The problems with Oscar Ahumada have finally been resolved: The defensive midfielder is close to reaching an agreement with River for a contract renewal worth $1,000,000 ($500,000 annually for 2 years). He will also be handed 30% of a future transfer (a total of 40% if one adds the 10% he already owns) and has been promised to be sold in the near future. Due to the agreement, Andres San Martin has been "freed" and will once again be joining Arsenal de Sarandi on loan.

Meanwhile, Jose Maria Aguilar keeps on moving in the transfer market and looking for incorporations. Surprisingly, River and Argentine National Team legend Roberto Ayala could be close to hitting a return. His name had been mentioned in the past, but "el Raton" usually discarded the opportunity. Now, his representative said the central defender is willing to return, and Real Zaragoza would be willing to let him go in exchange for 3 million euros. River doesn't find the price tag too excessive and may actually be making an offer for Ayala within the next few days.

In case the ex-National Team captain doesn't join the squad, Simeone has already decided to take a look at alternative options. A member of Diego's coaching staff went to see 23-year old Gerardo Alcoba on Sunday and gave "el Cholo" a heads up on the current PeƱarol defender.


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