Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ernesto Farias to Return to River?

Many false rumours are being thrown around in the transfer market nowadays, but with the highly likely departures of Radamel Falcao Garcia and Sebastian Abreu, Aguilar is said to be seriously considering reinforcing the squad with a new striker.

To the surprise of many, one of the "stronger" names will actually be one that is well known to River fans already. Ernesto Farias (pictured right), who sported "la banda" for three years, is supposedly one of the targets. "El Tecla" is currently playing alongside ex-River player Lucho Gonzalez in Porto of Portugal and is being followed by a few Argentine clubs (Estudiantes being the other one). He had an overall good scoring record while at River, yet he never managed to get into the hearts of the fans and was often critisized. Is he the right player to go after, or should we be looking for new faces?

Another player that Jose Maria Aguilar is looking at is Santiago Salcedo of Newell's Old Boys (pictured left). Ever since he joined the Rosarinos two years ago, he's been getting the thumbs up from both the press and fans alike, and could end up being a great acquisition for "los millonarios". The Paraguayan possess a very powerful and accurate shot, and looks like a great replacement for Falcao. Unfortunately, though, I do not see this happening due to economic reasons: Newell's tend to write pretty heavy price tags (Fernando Belluschi and Oscar Cardozo being two recent examples), and will probably not let Salcedo go so easily. River, meanwhile, probably won't be looking to spend too much after finishing in failure last time they tried this.

Regarding other positions, Diego Simeone is also looking to bring a replacement for Juan Pablo Carrizo, and Mariano Barbosa of Villarreal looks like one of the candidates. He was a great goalkeeper at Banfield, and I have the best of images of Mariano. I know my opinion won't weigh too much, but I approve him.

More updates to be posted soon.


Nick said...

What do you make of Villarreal's offer to buy 50% of the rights of 6 River players? 3 more established and 3 youth team players.
12 million is the figure quoted in Clarin.

ron said...

any new rumours on Falcao ? Argentine media claim 5million euro offer from Feyenoord ? Can anyone confirm/deny ?

Locoxriver said...

Nick: It would be a horrible deal, in my opinion. But I don't want to get into it.

Ron: I haven't heard much about this offer, so I can't go on and say it's true. If it is, though, I doubt River will accept 5 million. To take Falcao, expect to be paying around 15 million dollars or more.

ron said...

Expected as much yea. He'll probably play in the premier league next season.

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Martín [ Noti-River ] said...

me gusta salcedo..

vamos a ver q pasa..todavia no termino el torneo