Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Transfer Market: May 21st Update

As always, news regarding possible transfers related to the club has been surfacing the streets of Nunez. In a single post, here are all the updates of the 2008 off-season transfer market:

Players Out

Matias Abelairas: "Pitu" may well be on his way to Europe, after rumours state that Lazio are preparing a 5 million euro offer for the midfielder. If he doesn't leave with Carrizo to the Italian side in June, he still has chances of wearing a different jersey.

Cristian Villagra: Just when the left back began to play regularly well for River, it seems like he will move over to a team in the "Old Continent". Villarreal (Spain), Catania (Italy), and Olympiakos (Greece) would be just some of the many options for "Kity".

Alexis Sanchez: It is nothing new that the talented youngster has extremely small chances of remaining at the club after the Clausura. So what's the point of this note? Well, Independiente have expressed their interest in the Chilean and actually have a good chance of contracting him on loan after he leaves River. I could see it already: we face "el Rojo" in the Copa Sudamericana and are eliminated to the hands of Sanchez (ala D'Alessandro).

Radamel Falcao Garcia: The forward was just one step away from migrating to a different club in January, but he decided that he wanted to stay at least one more season. Now, the Colombian will probably not have a choice, and the offers will come flying in. Who will be his replacement?

Eduardo Tuzzio, Danilo Gerlo, Cristian Nasuti, Leonardo Ponzio, and Mauro Rosales: Their time in River seems to be coming close to an end. The only way these players are expected to stay is if a tempting offer does not arrive in the halls of the Monumental.

Players In

Pablo Aimar and Roberto Ayala: The two historic River players are currently playing for Real Zaragoza, who recently descended to the second division of the Spanish league. This is just one of the reasons why Jose Maria Aguilar has decided to go after the duo. Still, it seems impossible that they'll join our squad for next season due to economic reasons. Also, doesn't the same article mentioning their possible arrival appear on Ole/Clarin/La Nacion every six months?

Andres D'Alessandro: If the Aimar operation isn't successful, it is said that "los millonarios" will go after "el Cabezon". Just like the Aimar and Ayala, this transfer would be very complicated to achieve. The question is, if River are after him now, why didn't they put the money to buy him when they had a chance in January?

Ariel Ibagaza and Sebastian Leto: River will go after the two midfielders who are currently playing in Europe. It's pretty much the same story as always. I can see Aguilar already: "We couldn't bring you Aimar or D'Alessandro, but we did bring Ibagaza and Leto!".

Hilario Navarro: River would be looking for a replacement for Carrizo, and Racing's goalkeeper could be one of the main targets. The negative? His knee injury does not impress the dirigentes.

Gustavo Cabral: Diego Simeone has been pleased with the ex-Racing defender's performance this season, and has requested that the management transform his loan into a permament incorporation for River.

Dario Conca: The attacking midfielder played a key role for Fluminense today, who succesfully eliminated candidates Sao Paulo from the 2008 Copa Libertadores. He is on loan from River, and unless somebody purchases him, he should be returning in June. With so much talk of bringing in a new playmaker (Ibagaza, Aimar, D'Alessandro, etc.), could the solution to our problem be in our own hands?

Surprisingly enough, I kind of like this. Although we could be losing many great players (Falcao, Augusto Fernandez, Ponzio, Alexis Sanchez, Abelairas, etc.), we've been having a similar squad for the last few years now and things haven't too gone well. I believe that this could be the right time to clean out the squad and refresh the starting eleven with youngsters/new players.


Agrupacion Tradicional River Plate said...

El Cholo Simeone no se va porque
ese es nuestro deseo y el nombre de la nueva entrada que abrimos en
nuestro blog.
Un abrazo

ron said...

I Hope Falcao will come to Feyenoord. Ill keep following your blog. Nice to finally see a good english blog/newssite for River. Hard to keep track of 'em when you dont speak spanish :)

loes said...

Hola Ron, heb je wel eens van Google translate gehoord??

VAMOS RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wel lachen als Falcao naar de kakkerlakjes gaat haha!
ps laatste wedstrijden is hij niet echt héél goed bezig


ron said...

translate net weer teveel moeite :)
Denk niet dat 'ie komt eigenlijk, zal wel Premier League worden ...

Tegen Frankrijk speelde hij ook niet opvallend...

El mas grande !

Grtz all.

LOES said...

Ron ben je ook River fan?

Hola Gonzalo excuse me for talking a little bit dutch on your blog.
Im asking Ron if he is a River hincha!
Are you ok?



ron said...

ye !
Volg de club sinds de overgang van Cruz naar Rotterdam.

holytoledo2 said...

I'm not sure what the deal is with River and Conca. I remeber he had trouble being the guy in the middle when he was with us. Not sure we'll make good on keeping him wearing La Banda. He was also awesome with Universidad Catolica. I remeber seeing him and Polo Quinteros tearing up defenses in Chile and the Sudamericana.