Wednesday, May 7, 2008

River - San Lorenzo: The Preview

River Plate will be looking to secure their permanency in the Copa Libertadores 2008 tomorrow. In order to remain in the competition, "los millonarios" must finish the 90+ minutes of the match vs. San Lorenzo with a victory.

Diego Simeone has decided to make few changes as compared to last week's game, and will only bring in Diego Buonanotte for Rodrigo Archubi. The rest of the team will remain the same, meaning that both Ariel Ortega and Alexis Sanchez will once again be substitutes. Therefore, the starting eleven are expected to be:

Juan Pablo Carrizo;
Paulo Ferrari-Gustavo Cabral-Eduardo Tuzzio-Cristian Villagra;
Augusto Fernandez-Oscar Ahumada-M. Abelairas-Diego Buonanotte;
Radamel Falcao Garcia-Sebastian Abreu;

San Lorenzo will nearly repeat their formation and line-up. As quoted from last week's preview "Their most dangerous player -without a doubt- is Andres D'Alessandro. The ex-River player is full of jukes, precise shots and accurate passes. Add that to the fact that he'll be looking to prove himself to his current team's fans (he was accused of faking an injury in the game against us earlier on this season), which makes him even a bigger threat. Forwards Andres Silvera and Gonzalo Bergessio should also be looked after, with the first being a historic goalscorer, and the second being on a good scoring streak as of late."

River literally has to win. A draw or a loss will expell the team from the competition, due to the fact that we lost the first match of the two-leg series by 2-1. In fact, certain victories would even leave us out (3-2, 4-3, 5-4, etc.; because of the "away goal" rule). So how can we qualify? Well, the only way we will automatically get through with a "minimal difference" result is by winning 1-0. A 2-1, meanwhile, would take the match to extra time and then -if necessary- penalties. Any result with a difference of 2 goals or more in favor of River, on the other hand, would grant us access to one of the eight Quarterfinal match-ups.

Luckily, this time Fox Sports en Espanol will be airing the match live at 4:30 PM Pacific / 7:30 PM Eastern Time.

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