Thursday, May 8, 2008

River Plate Eliminated From Copa Libertadores

River Plate tied 2-2 vs. San Lorenzo tonight and have been eliminated from the Copa Libertadores 2008. Before anything, I must clarify that it's incredible that the players let the match go, being up 2-0 with 2 players more than San Lorenzo. I also blame this partially on our President Jose Maria Aguilar: he let Ramon Diaz go, and also didn't grab D'Alessandro when he had a chance. This came back to leave us out of the most important tournament in existance for River. Despite that, we should also remember the poor reffing. Let's do a quick re-cap:

1st leg (2-1 in favor of San Lorenzo):
- Controversial penalty in favor of the home side which gave them the victory.

2nd leg (2-2):
- Goal by Abreu that was disallowed. Replays show that he was not offsides.
- Clear penalty for River when the match was up 1-0, yet the ref fails to call it.
- Silvera should have been expelled for hitting Tuzzio. Not long after, the same player plays the key role in San Lorenzo's first goal of the night.

As mentioned previously, I cannot believe our players let this game slip. It is truly an embarrassment to be eliminated when up 2-0 and the rivals being down by 2 men. But, honestly, there were too many clear ref errors in favor of San Lorenzo. Had they not existed, River probably would have qualified with ease (we would have had 2 goals extra, and San Lorenzo 2 less). It is inevitable to ignore this.. who knows, maybe our present would have been different.

A more detailed review on the match is expected to be posted later.

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