Tuesday, April 29, 2008

San Lorenzo - River: The Preview

River Plate will be facing San Lorenzo de Almagro tomorrow in an extremely important clash for the Round of Sixteen of the Copa Libertadores 2008. "Los Millonarios" should be looking for anything but a loss tomorrow, with the following eleven players aiming for that goal:

Juan Pablo Carrizo;
Paulo Ferrari-Nicolas Sanchez-Eduardo Tuzzio-Cristian Villagra;
Augusto Fernandez-Oscar Ahumada-Matias Abelairas-Rodrigo Archubi;
Radamel Falcao Garcia-Sebastian Abreu

This formation indicates that River will be returning to a classical 4-4-2 formation, something we hadn't seen in a long time. The most surprising part, though, is that Ariel Ortega, Diego Buonanotte, Alexis Sanchez, and Mauro Rosales are all missing from the starting line-up. Many would have been considered it a better choice to field this alternative team last weekend vs. Argentinos Juniors, and put the starters tomorrow. Instead, Diego Simeone has opted to do pretty much the opposite. Despite that, his tactics may seem logical in certain point of views: not only will many players get some rest before the Superclasico, but if the team manages to hold back San Lorenzo and atleast tie, we will have the opportunity to define the game at home. It is obvious that by taking out the more offensive players (mentioned above) and inserting more defensive players (Ahumada, Abelairas, and Archubi), "el Cholo" will be looking to control the home side's offensive flare and leave Carrizo's goal as safe as possible.

Meanwhile, San Lorenzo have been keeping their best for this game. Many starters rested on Sunday vs. Boca (Ramon Diaz's team won 1-0), though they would be present vs. River. The most dangerous player -without a doubt- is Andres D'Alessandro. The ex-River player is full of jukes, precise shots and accurate passes. Add that to the fact that he'll be looking to prove himself to his current team's fans (he was accused of faking an injury in the game against us earlier on this season), making him a huge threat. Forwards Andres Silvera and Gonzalo Bergessio should also be looked after, with the first being a historic goalscorer, and the second being on a good scoring streak as of late.

Unfortunately, Fox Sports en Espanol have decided to broadcast the America (MEX) - Flamengo (BRA) match live instead of ours. This means that to catch the match, one will have to wait till 9:00 PM Pacific / 12:00 AM Eastern Time to watch it on a Tape Delay on the same channel.


Christian said...

Cueste lo que cueste....

I'd love a win away, but a score draw would do me just fine.

Looks like I'll be falling asleep late tonight. I atually wouldn't mind watching the Flamengo America game, but you know those bastards on FSE will ruin the score.

Locoxriver said...

Argh... River had the game controlled, but San Lorenzo found the winning goal in the 87th minute with a very controversial penalty kick. :(

loes said...

I think SL was better, sorry! Simeone didn't let the best players play i think Abreu is the worst player i have seen in a long time. I'm sorry but that's my opinion. But Falcao was good and the defenders did a good job this time!
And you can see every match live on the internet don't you know?
(Because you couln't see this one live?)

Locoxriver said...

I agree that San Lorenzo were better, but our proposition for this game wasn't to be the better team, but rather to just not lose to San Lornezo (a tie would have been perfect).

I disagree with your Abreu statements. I thought he had a good game (except when he missed that one-on-one in the 4th minute!), creating good attacking chances for others and defending very well. He was an essential part of the team everytime CASLA had a set-piece, and it became evident when River had to defend that free-kick that resulted in a penalty for San Lorenzo.

Either way, I still think the penalty should not have been called. In my opinion, Alexis Sanchez just jumps with his hands up (not attempting to hit the ball) and was then clearly pushed by the CASLA player. This made his hands hit the ball, without any attempt by the Chilean.

It really sucks. A 1-1 tie would have been ideal. Can't wait till Thursday's game, though: if it's as exciting and tense as this one, we should have a great 90 minutes!


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