Monday, April 21, 2008

Rosario Central: 2 - River Plate: 1 - Torneo Clausura 2008

River lost to Rosario Central by 2-1, and therefore lost their unbeaten streak in the Torneo Clausura 2008. Despite initially being up 1-0 thanks to Diego Buonanotte, the home side were able to flip the score with goals by Emilio Zelaya and Martin Arzuaga.

I missed the game, but it is said to have been a good one. A more detailed review is available here, and the goals can be seen below:

As a side note, Argentine newspaper Ole claims that the referree did a poor job - not awarding River a penalty, not giving Central two well-deserved red cards, and subtracting one minute from the original injury time that had been given (played 3 extra minutes, instead of 4). A bit suspicious, but unsurprising nonetheless. As long as it doesn't happen again (especially in two weeks vs. Boca), I won't complain.


Christian said...

It wasn't the best performance, but it was definetely an exciting match. And yeah, I'm surprised Sieone or the squad didn't protest more the one minute not added on.

But we're still in first right? I'll take it.

loes said...

Hi it was not a good match to see but i was laughing when Carrizo runs across the field to help the players with a corner haha!!
Do you know the dates for the copa libertadores?


Locoxriver said...

Loes, River's first Round of Sixteen match should be played on April 30th. The second game will be either on May 7th or May 14th.

There could be changes to this, but those are the expected dates for now.

- Gonzalo

P.S. - It's good to see you back around. I was starting to miss your comments! :D

loes said...

Hola gracias that's nice of you