Friday, April 18, 2008

River Plate: 5 - Universidad San Martin: 0 - Copa Libertadores 2008

Who said River couldn't play well? After a week of critisizm from the press on River's lack of attractive football, "los Millonarios" -led by an inspired Sebastian Abreu- defeated Universidad San Martin in a game that corresponded to Group 5 of the Copa Libertadores. River only needed a tie to advance to the next round, but the team went farther than that and demolished the Peruvians with a final result of 5-0.

River played a good game in every aspect of the word. From the first minute, it was obvious that the plan was to pressure the away side and pile up the attack. "La Banda" did just that, not allowing San Martin to possess the ball for long periods of time. The midfield was strong, the offense was doing well, and the defense/Carrizo didn't even have to show up to this game considering how little San Martin did.

The Player Review -

Juan Pablo Carrizo: He could have stayed home and it wouldn't have even made a difference. To add to his positives, though, he gained yet another clean sheet -- his eleventh this season!
Paulo Ferrari: The left-back had a good game and efficiently assisted Falcao and Rios in River's second and fourth goals, respectively.
Gustavo Cabral and Nicolas Sanchez: The two central defenders didn't have much to do, but when they did, they got the job done.
Cristian Villagra: "Kity" had an excellent night, often launching some good offensive plays. He deserved a goal, but was unfortunate not to score. The ex-Rosario Central player has managed to keep up his good form and is having a quality season so far.
Leonardo Ponzio: The ex-Newell's Old Boys player had a great game, and keeps on moving up in my books. Everytime he plays, he does not stop recuperating balls and always contributes a little something to the attack. In a way, I sort of hope that Oscar Ahumada gets a two-match extension to his current suspension, just so Leo starts against Boca.
Matias Abelairas: "Pitu" is one of the players who has played most this season, and his statistics provide reasoning for this fact. As if he hadn't already participated in enough goals this season, Abelairas once again assisted Sebastian Abreu in a set piece. Good work by Matias.
Alexis Sanchez: The Chilean tried a lot, but did not have one of his best games. Despite that, he still gave a good assist to Abreu in River's first goal.
Radamel Falcao Garcia: The Colombian scored a fantastic goal (2-0) and was very active, running from up and down the field all night.
Rodrigo Archubi: The ex-Lanus player surprisingly started over Diego Buonanotte and did well while at it. He had a few good things here and there, and left an overall good impression.
Sebastian Abreu: A dream night for "el Loco". The Uruguayan scored 3 of the 5 goals for River, hit the post on another play, and gave several good passes. Nothing wrong at all. A great fact: in the last 4 games played by River in the Copa Libertadores, he has scored 6 goals (2 vs. Universidad Catolica -1 in away and 1 at home-, 1 vs. America, and 3 vs. Universidad San Martin).
The Substitutes -
Oscar Ahumada: The defensive midfielder replaced Ponzio and did not fill his role as well. Still, he didn't commit any errors, and atleast he didn't get expelled again!
Diego Buonanotte: The "dwarf" appeared in the second half and brought his jukes and electrifying style of play to the pitch. As usual, he was unstoppable and the rivals could do nothing but foul him.
Andres Rios: The young foward finally received a good opportunity under Simeone's management, and he did not let the chance pass by: he came in with the game 3-0, scored the 4th goal, and assisted the 5th. He also did very well last season with Daniel Passarella, and could eventually by an interesting option to replace Falcao once the Colombian is transfered.

The goals:

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Paulo Moreira said...

5 goles de River para una goleada e un bueno partido.

el equipo del cholo tiene que siguir asi tanto en torneio clausura como en libertadores.