Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Argentina vs. Mexico - Ticket Information

Argentina and Mexico will be facing each other in a friendly match, to be played in Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, California) on June 4, 2008. The match itself will begin at 8:00 PM Pacific Time.

Tickets have officially gone on sale today on Ticketmaster. They are available through a Visa-Presale (Visa cardholders can purchase them now, while others will have to wait till May 5th) at the following link: Argentina vs. Mexico Tickets (Ticketmaster)

The Hinchada Argentina (Argentinean fan base) will be sitting in Plaza Level around Section 52. To purchase tickets in this section, one must follow these three steps:

1) Click the above link.
2) Select the quantity of tickets you'd like to purchase. In the box next to it, select the $30 option.
3) Under section, choose "East End of Stadium".

One should then be offered tickets around Section 52 in Plaza level. These tickets are only $30 (cheap, compared to other tickets that go as high as $300) and are very close to the field. To make things even better, these tickets will allow you to sit with the Hinchada, which will be filled with flags, balloons, drums, and chants!

If you have any questions regarding tickets for this match, feel free to contact me.

*Note: Click on the above picture to get an enlarged view of the seating chart.


Adrian said...

I followed the instructions and that way I got only tikets in section 57. I hope in this place we'll be argentinos too!!!

Locoxriver said...

Yeah, I got tickets in section 56, so don't worry. Either way, I am pretty confident that we'll be able to move over to section 52, since it's relatively close.

See you in June!