Wednesday, March 19, 2008

River Plate - San Martin (SJ) Finalized

River Plate finalized the remaining 13 minutes of their match vs. San Martin (SJ), with the partial 3-2 score now becoming permanent.

San Martin (SJ) went out with an offensive proposal, though they did not find too many clear chances. River, on the other hand, had less opportunities to score. Despite that, the clearest shot of the match arrived on behalf of Mauro Rosales towards the end of the game.

The three points have left River with 12 points, just behind Velez and Estudiantes (both with 13, though Velez has a suspended match).

As for the new jerseys, the second kit I speculated has been confirmed on River's official website. Still, there is a lack of updates on the third jersey, but some sites seem to indicate that it will be a plain purple shirt (pictured to the right). We'll see what happens with that.


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Martin[Noti-River] said...

yo tmb tengo la foto de lacasaca violeta..pero capaz q dejan la tercera q tenemos ahora .en fin..nose

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