Tuesday, March 4, 2008

River Plate: 3 - San Martin (SJ): 2 - Torneo Clausura 2008

After a surprising 3-2 lead (surprising in the sense that we weren't winning by more), the match between River Plate and San Martin (SJ) was called off with 9 minutes remaining. The reason behind this was excessive amount of rain, which did not allow the players to run with the ball - literally.

River's goals were scored by Sebastian Abreu, Diego Buonanotte, and Cristian Nasuti. San Martin were able to minimize their partial loss thanks to their shot accuracy (.. and the ref, who completely invented a penalty in the first goal).

The game was pretty much River's to lose. The team had innumerous chances, yet failed to put the majority past the net. Diego Buonanotte and Alexis Sanchez, who were both starters, were brilliant, and were once again the best players on the team.

The goals:

The remaining 9 minutes will be made up on March 19th. Meanwhile, the squad will prepare to travel to La Plata, where we will be facing league contenders Estudiantes on Sunday. Vamos River!


LeonPL said...

looks like el Cholo is living up to expectations. vamos River!

Paulo Moreira said...

solo faltan 9 minutos para River se quedar con la victoria.

Saludos desde Portugal

Nick said...

I prefer this formation,
Diego and Alexis are just too good to leave out.
Sanchez just cant be tackled! Hes so quick!

Locoxriver said...

I completely agree with you Nick: Buonanotte and Alexis Sanchez are two monsters! There is no doubt that both youngsters have a great future ahead of them.

Leonpl and Paulo, thanks for visiting the blog and commenting! It's great to have visitors such as you two.

Take care,
- Gonzalo

Martin[Noti-River] said...

buen blog!

aguante river...ahora te agregos a amigos!