Friday, March 28, 2008

An Illness With No Cure

Ariel Ortega had unexpectedly missed yesterday's training session. Much was rumoured, but little was confirmed. It wasn't till today that the news was officially released: Unfortunately, "el Burrito" suffered yet another episode in his fight against alcohol.

This is nothing new. In fact, Ortega has a history of drinking problems. His current era in River began in June 2006, though he was set aside for long parts of the year due to this problem. In 2007 he returned to the team and had a strong pre-season. To make things better, he showed signs of good form and even scored a goal vs. Racing in a Torneo de Verano friendly. Shortly after, though, he fell in the alcohol trap once again and Daniel Passarella decided to seperate him from the team until he recuperated. In March of that year, he returned to the pitch. In June, River Plate's directives and coaching staff both agreed that the best thing to do was to place him in a rehabilitation clinic in order get rid of this illness once and for all.

Everything was on the right track since then, and alcohol now seemed like a thing of the past for the legend. To everyone's surprise a new incident happened yesterday. According to the Argentine press, Ariel had attended a party at a club on Wednesday (River was facing Universidad Catolica, but he didn't play because of an injury) and eventually ran into some alcohol. A few hours later he headed home, but the drinks were irreversable.

It is known that alcohol tends to make people react in extreme ways, and Ariel Ortega is no exception to this rule. In fact, the drinks brought out a rage in him, in what ultimately resulted in a heavy argument with his wife Danesa (physical abuse was rumoured to have happened). The neighbors, being concerned because of the loud noises that were occuring, called the Police to check-up on the Ortega household. After doing so, they took Ariel over to the local San Isidro Police station and held him there for approximately two hours.

Meanwhile, in Nuñez nobody knew what was going on with "el Burrito". The news finally broke out today, when Ortega appeared at the team's training session to explain to Simeone what had happened. He later trained with the team, though the "el Cholo" has decided that it is best for him to not concentrate for Sunday's game vs. Arsenal.

This is very unfortunate news. It is not good that he will be missing atleast one game, but this is secondary behind the fact that his illness has not vanished. We -the fans- may be sad to be missing a key player, but his wife, children, and friends will suffer more from losing an important person in their lives to alcohol. Hopefully this is the last episode of his illness - an illness with no cure.


loes said...

Hola Gonzalo how are you?
I always read your blog and it's still great!
I feel very sorry for Ortega (and the team, family), i hope he will not drink again, but i'm worried, he isn't gonna play on sunday, maybe he is mad about that and then he will drink again!

But the team is doing great don't you think? I'm very happy about that!


Paulo Moreira said...

Aguante el burrito. espero q se recupere.


Locoxriver said...

Hey loes, how's it going? It's been a while since I've read one of your comments, so I thought you had disappeared!

As for Ortega, I agree it could have been a bad decision to not include him in the team list for Sunday. Then again, Daniel Passarella would always forgive Ortega for this exact reason you mentioned, and eventually he would fall back again into drinking. Maybe he needs someone to be more strict on him, so he realizes that he really can't drink.

Regarding the team, I agree we are doing great. We are currently leaders in both the Torneo Clausura and in our group in the Copa Libertadores, so we obviously are doing something right. I am also impressed by the small amount of goals we are conceding.. Very impressive. Also glad to see your favorite player regaining his form. :D

Take care.

Paulo, gracias por pasar por el blog. Todos queremos que se recupere el burrito, asi que ojala pueda dejar el alcohol por el equipo y su familia. Te mando un saludo.

- Gonzalo

Anonymous said...

Sad news, the guy has a problem but at least we have the personel to get through without him.

To be honest some of his performances have been pretty awful lately.

Well anyway, aguante River!

Aussie River Fan

Agrupacion Tradicional River Plate said...

HAY QUE GRITAR BASTA YA, el mal que le han hecho a NUESTRO RIVER
es tal que hasta los comentarios sobre el partido que ayer ganamos han pasado a ser secundarios frente
a la violencia organizada transmitida por la TV y que evidencia que gozan de una GARANTIA DE IMPUNIDAD

Martín [ Noti-River ] said...

ariel es el idolo mas grande q tenemos en la actualidad..hay q apoyarlo