Monday, February 25, 2008

River Plate: 2 - San Lorenzo: 0 - Torneo Clausura 2008

River Plate managed to pull off a convincing win over San Lorenzo yesterday, thanks to goalscorers Radamel Falcao Garcia and Matias Abelairas. The team may have not played pure attractive football throughout the 90 minutes, but they did show an organized and competitive scheme that clearly made River deserve the three points. With a strong defense and an effective offense, "los Millonarios" were able to win and therefore increase the team's total points in the Clausura to seven.

As mentioned previously, the defense had a good match (it was about time!). Gustavo Cabral played his best game since arriving in January, Paulo Ferrari recuperated the ball plenty of times, and Eduardo Tuzzio was firm. But perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was Cristian Villagra, who had an excellent game. He had been playing well in the last few encounters, but yesterday he was arguably the best player on the pitch for a large amount of time. This is completely contrary to last season, where he was not able to find his form the whole year. If he continues playing like he has lately, he can become a class act for the club.

The best midfielders were probably Augusto Fernandez and Matias Abelairas. The two fought for each ball as if it were the last, and made a huge impact in the final score. Ariel Ortega, meanwhile, did not have a good night (besides a few good passes here and there). As for the fowards, Falcao's contributions were more than evident: he ran the whole game -like usual- and scored the first goal. Sebastian Abreu, on the other hand, showed little to nothing, and has yet to impress the fans.

The two goals:

The team's best characteristics were those of playing as a "team" and fighting for every ball. As seen above on the first goal, it was created by a set piece. But that corner kick was not just any corner kick: most players would have usually let that ball go out, but Augusto Fernandez fought for it till the end, forcing the San Lorenzo defender to touch it and concede a corner kick. The final result? Falcao's goal. This was constantly seen in the game, and although it may not be the prettiest way of playing football, its efficiency could lead to long term results and trohpies.

Our next game will be our midweek Libertadores match vs. America of Mexico. It will be a very tough match, but if River manage to repeat Sunday's performance a win is definitely obtainable. Make sure to check back on Tuesday for the preview!


Christian said...

Missed the game completely as I was in San Diego. Every time I go out of town River win...

Great news about Villagra, we certainly need him to perform consistently.

Locoxriver said...

Yeah, I remembered you miss last season's 5-0 over Velez. Maybe you should start missing the River games more often. :D

Take care,
- Gonzalo

Paulo Moreira said...

gran vitoria e bueno partido de River. Ahora contra América hay que ganar