Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Two New Incorporations

Two new players are on their way to becoming River's latest incorporations: if everything goes as expected, Gustavo Cabral (pictured above) and Rodrigo Archubi will be wearing "la banda" next season.

Cabral has actually already began his career with the Riverplatenses. After finalizing the transaction for $1,500,000 for 50% of the transfer, the now ex-Racing player passed by the Monumental and signed his new contract. Despite have only 22 years of age, he has plenty of experience: he debuted for "la academia" when he was 18, and since then has racked up an impressive 110+ matches in Primera. But that wasn't his only accomplishment: in 2005, he integrated the Argentine U-20 National Team squad (who later went on to win the Youth World Cup that year), a team that was completely free of River players. Gustavo is an interesting prospect for the future for both River and Argentina, so his time with "los millonarios" could be vital to the remainder of his career.

While Gustavo was in Nunez finalizing the last details on his compact, Rodrigo Archubi was in Piraeus, Greece, anxiously waiting for a new chapter in River's transfer book. His loan with Olympiakos wasn't as successful as expected, yet River are still highly interested in incorporating the ex-Lanus player to the squad. In fact, a final agreement is close to being reached, since the businessman Pinas Zavahi will invest on the left-winger and ultimately loan him to "los millonarios"

As for other transfers, the always-wanted Andres D'Alessandro continues on expressing his desire to return. His lack of minutes in Zaragoza, combined with his enthusiasm of a possible six month loan, make the rumours of a transfer to River come to life. Chances remain slim, though why not dream?


christian said...

What are your thoughts so far on the offseason? Happy? Disappointed?

Locoxriver said...

Hey Christian,

I am actually quite happy with this pre-season, at least for now. First off, I am ecstatic with the arrival of Diego Simeone: he is a great, innovative coach whose somehow managed to renew my faith in River. Not only does he have "different" techniques that seperate him from other coaches, but he also has a fantastic team (Falcao, Alexis Sanchez, Rosales, Ortega, Buonanotte, A. Fernandez, Ponzio, etc.) that could perform wonders if the right tactics are found.

As for the incorporations, I think we are doing well. To be honest, I never really liked Sebastian Abreu, but his statistics will make any goalkeeper tremble. If he can bring those goals to the Monumental, then he is more than welcome.

Then comes Gustavo Cabral. I haven't seen much of him, but when I did see him he left a good impression. Another positive to him is that he's been an interesting Argentine prospect for the last few years, yet he still has plenty of experience. On paper, the defense is looking good, with Cabral, Nico Sanchez, Tuzzio, Nasuti, and the youngsters Oliva and Mussachio. My only problem with it is that it lacks a "leader" (a player like JC Caceres would have been perfect), so that could end up being a long-term problem.

Meanwhile, I always respected what Archubi did in Lanus, so he seems like a very interesting signing.

For now things seem to be going very well, and I continue to think positively looking into the next season. I am not going to say that we will win championships, but the objectives look a lot more reachable now than in December.

- Gonzalo

P.S: What are your thoughts?

Christian said...

I'm still not sure what to think. Part of my feels that the club should have done more right away to answer the issues with our defense, and that the club did itself no favors with the constant rumors about getting D'Alessandro or even Crespo, which were always unlikely to begin with.

On the other hand, I always felt that the squad that River had last season was indeed good enough to win the title and the Copa, and that a few changes on the pitch and a change in leadership would have produced much better results than what of course happened.

I don't know if a 31 year old striker and a 22 year old defender are enough to change River's fortunes around, but I'm hopeful as I am every year. I agree that Simeone is the right man for the job and he brings a breath of fresh air to the team that badly needs it.

Can't wait for tomorrow against los rojos.