Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Official Traitor

Not to long ago, I had mentioned the possibility of an ex-River player joining Boca Juniors. Unfortunately, the undesirable became reality a few days ago, when Julio Cesar Caceres signed his contract with the Xeneizes, confirmed his arrival, and even tried on his new jersey.

The transfer of the Paraguayan to Boca has left a very bitter taste in the mouth of River Plate fans. Less than two years ago, he was our undisputed starting center-back, and was even chosen as captain of the team by Daniel Passarella. That same year, he received more minutes than almost any other player on the team, and also constantly received a standing ovation on behalf of the fans. When his loan came to an end, Jose Maria Aguilar attempted to make his stay with los millonarios permanent, but Caceres was unhappy with his contract terms and decided to head over to Spain to join Gimnastic.

After his departure, River continued making gestures every six months to bring him back. I don't believe I have to state the final result of our efforts. But despite that, things were never as bad as they are now with Julio Cesar. How one can go from being idolized and being the captain of a team, to almost singlehandedly deciding to join their arch-rivals is beyond me. But perhaps the most unpleasant detail in this whole transfer is that he publicly stated that he would resign money to join Boca. Yes: we are talking about the same guy who left River in 2006 due to not being paid enough. In fact, Tigres initially rejected the Bosteros' proposals, yet JC's monotnous desire to wear Boca's jersey forced the Mexicans to back down and let him go.

My opinion of Caceres' skill has not changed one bit. I still see him as a talented defender with tons of experience (played in Europe, South America, and Mexico; participated in the World Cup), a strong personality, and good defensive characteristics. Honestly, though, the Paraguayan has let me down, and I fail to realize how one can be so cold-hearted and lack soul and respect towards the fans.

With that said, I hope he fractures his knee in the Torneo de Verano and never touches a ball again.

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loes said...


How are you doing by the way?
I think Simeone is doing great.
I heard the players are very happy with him. I'm so glad the Kaiser is gone. He wasn't very good.
I think it's gonna be a very good year for our boys!

Chau and Vamos River!!!!