Sunday, January 27, 2008

River Plate: 0 - Boca Juniors: 2 - Torneo de Verano 2008

Boca Juniors defeated River Plate by 2-0 in the annual Torneo de Verano Superclasico friendly match.

In the first half, River left the impression of being the better team, with a fast attack and an offensive mentality. Despite that, the blue-and-yellow side were the ones to find the partial advantage in the first half thanks to midfielder Sebastian Battaglia.

In the last fourty-five minutes, the gameplay from "los millonarios" decreased, causing Boca to find the finalizing goal after a header by Martin Palermo. This second goal was illegal, according to FIFA rules, since the #9 was hanging himself off the post.

Although this match wasn't too important due to being a friendly match,I would have wanted to see more from River. The new incorporations brought some of the biggest upsets, with very little action on behalf of Rodrigo Archubi and Sebastian Abreu. The best player, meanwhile, was Ariel Ortega - the new team captain. Now the question is: is the 3-3-3-1 formation suitable for River, or should we return to the old 4-3-1-2? Hopefully as time progresses the team starts functioning ideally to Simeone's standards and begins winning tournaments.

After facing San Lorenzo on Tuesday for the last game of the friendly tournament, River will have yet another encounter against Boca Juniors on Saturday.


rurik said...

Archubi and Abreu were definitely disappointing, but hopefully they are still just fitting in. Hopefully the same is true with the 3-3-1; we'll see after the San Lorenzo match.

Locoxriver said...
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Locoxriver said...

Yeah, I think the players need time to adjust to the 3-3-3-1. Just in case they don't, though, Simeone will be testing a 4-4-2 formation today vs. San Lorenzo.