Sunday, January 13, 2008

Copa Libertadores: Group 5 Update

With yesterday's win over Cruz Azul by penalties, America (MEX) have qualified to the Libertadores as Mexico 2 and therefore will be in River's group. The group will looking as follows:

Group 5
America (MEX)
River Plate (ARG)
Universidad San Martin (PERU)
U. Catolica (CHI)

Looks like a complicated group, in my opinion. I don't expect a failure, such as the one we saw last year, but it won't be an easy six games for River either. The first match for "los millonarios" will be played in Lima, Peru against Universidad San Martin. Vamos River!


Christian said...

A tricky draw for River, but some big teams in La U. and America. Looking forward to it.

Locoxriver said...

Agreed. Just hope we don't get eliminated in the group stage for the second year in a row!

- Gonzalo

Nick said...

Just like to say keep up the good work on the blog! I enjoy it very much :)

Ps - Chileno must be a starter this season !

Locoxriver said...

Hey Nick, thanks for stopping by!

Regarding Alexis Sanchez, I think we all agree that he should be a starter. He is an amazing player with tremendous ability. Besides, he will only be on loan with River for six more months, so we should squeeze out as much juice as possible before he leaves.

I'm glad to hear that you like the blog. Make sure to stop by soon for more updates.

- Gonzalo