Sunday, December 9, 2007

Updates: December 9th

River lost 2-0 to Banfield, in an encounter that took place for the 19th Round of the Torneo Apertura 2007. The loss extended the "millonarios"'s non-winning streak to 9 games (including both Apertura and Copa Sudamericana matches). This game has officially ended the second part of the 2007 season for River, which left us with a team that was eliminated in the Semi-Finals of the Copa Sudamericana and finished 14th in the Argentine league.

But that is not all the bad news. Many of our best players could be on their way out of the club anytime soon, leaving the future coach (could be Simeone - see below) with a big problem to resolve: Radamel Falcao Garcia is close to Fluminese of Brazil, who would be buying half of his transfer rights for $8,000,000. Goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo has already confirmed the end of his era in River, and will be on the way to an unknown club in Europe (he is owned by Lazio, but could be loaned out). Others, such as Belluschi and Augusto Fernandez, are also wanted and are very likely to leave before the beginning of next semester.

Regarding Passarella's replacement as coach of River Plate, everything seems to indicate that Diego Simeone will be the chosen one. The ex-Argentine International had been rumoured to join "la Banda" for a while now, but his arrival is now closer than ever, after he parted ways with his now ex-club Estudiantes. In River they are confident that he will sign in the next few days, but they still are conversating with Pumpido and Borghi incase things go wrong.

There could be surprises, just like when Ramon rejected our proposal, so make sure to check back soon for more news regarding the subject.


loes said...

Hola Gonzalo,
Simeone, is he a good DT ?


Locoxriver said...

Yes, Simeone is an awesome coach! He is a great motivator with a strong attitude (shown in his playing career with Argentina). He could just be what River is looking for to change the face of our current situation. I'll give more details on him on his presentation post, if he officially does become our coach.

- Gonzalo