Saturday, December 29, 2007

Top 5 Goals of 2007

In a year in which more frustrations than positives were found, River did manage to give us small quantities of joy in some tremendous goals in the semester. There is no official confirmation stating that these were our best goals, but in my opinion these were the top five we scored in 2007:

5) Fernando Belluschi vs. Lanus

4) Diego Buonanotte vs. Rosario Central

3) Augusto Fernandez vs. Velez

2) Fernando Belluschi vs. Velez

1) Radamel Falcao Garcia vs. Estudiantes (LP)

Can you say G-O-L-A-Z-O-S? Pure class. Other honorable mentions are Radamel Falcao Garcia (vs. Rosario Central, Botafogo, and Boca Juniors), Leonardo Ponzio (vs. Colo Colo), amongst others. Hopefully we see more of these goals (..along with championships) in 2008.

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ryu said...

You're crazy LocoxRiver, Falcao's final goal against Botafogo has got to be the goal of the season! Maybe the most emotive goal I've seen in years!