Friday, December 14, 2007

Simeone In, Belluschi and Falcao Out?

Despite expecting to be presented as River Plate's new coach today, Diego Simeone is still jobless. Well, technically speaking, he is not, and that's the same exact reason why he is not on the bench yet: Estudiantes are making his departure much more complicated than it should be, claiming recision fees and demanding that his team of coaching staff leave as a whole. Either way, he is still expected to sign with "los millonarios" and officially become our new coach next week.

As if the coach crisis weren't enough, the transfer market is the main event at the Monumental nowadays, linking key players such as Carrizo, Belluschi, A. Fernandez, Buonanotte, and Falcao with other clubs:

Juan Pablo Carrizo: The goalkeeper had confirmed that his era in River had come to an end, though his European passport has not been validated yet. Other possibilities exist at the moment, yet the doors to stay with "la banda" have opened up once again.
Fernando Belluschi: Porto of Portugal and Olympiakos of Greece are interested in him. Although there are no official offers for him, River's directives aren't going to put any traps to his possible departure. A positive point? Simeone requested that they don't sell him, not to mention that River would only get 40% of his transfer money if he is sold (not too much money).
Augusto Fernandez: Fiorentina (Italy) and Levante (Spain) are planning on acquiring the right winger over the January transfer window. The plan, for now, is to not sell both Belluschi and him at the same time (one would leave, while the other would stay for at least another six months).
Radamel Falcao Garcia: Fluminense of Brazil are still interested in the foward's services. They were willing to pay $5,000,000 for 50% of the transfer, though River want to get paid around $16,000,000 for the full transfer. The reason? If only 50% is sold a good percentage will have to go to the Fair Play school (where Falcao originally came from), while selling all his rights would mean only paying 10% to the school.
Diego Buonanotte: Atletico Madrid are rumoured to be chasing the "dwarf". Not much more is known on his situation, though it would be an extremely huge upset to see him leave at such a young age and with a very small amount of minutes in Primera.
Daniel Vega: The ex-Nueva Chicago goalkeeper is on loan, though he would like to leave due to not receiving chances. The directives will be looking to convince him to stay, though his future does not seem to clear, especially if Carrizo remains in the team next semester.
Sebastian Dominguez: Estudiantes's defender, who was one of the candidates to reinforce our back-line next sesaon, has agreed to join America (Mexico) and therefore will not be wearing red-and-white starting January.

At the moment, the search of a new coach seems endless. To top it off, many players have possibilities of leaving the team, causing an uncertain future for River Plate. Players like Aimar, Crespo, Cavenaghi, and Placente have all been named as possible reinforcements, though it will be highly unlikely to see any of them arriving any time soon. Our situation keeps on worsening, leaving the hope of a better 2008 as our only option.

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ShiNigAmi said...

I am from Greece and a lot of sport newspapers mention that Belluschi's manager is coming to seal the deal this week!DAMNNNNNNNNN.......
I hate Olympiakos!!!!!!!
Belluschi MUST come to Panathinaikos or STAY at River!

What the hell is happening at River?I am a big fan of that club and the team lately is going under a lot....
Lets hope 2008 will bring titles and especially Libertadores