Sunday, December 2, 2007

Olimpo: 4 - River Plate: 0 - Torneo Apertura 2007

Though it may sound as a joke, River lost 4-0 to Olimpo de Bahia Blanca for the 18th Round of the Torneo Apertura 2007. One of the main factors was the lack of presence of many starters such as Ariel Ortega, Radamel Falcao Garcia, Juan Pablo Carrizo, Oscar Ahumada, Nicolas Sanchez, Cristian Nasuti, etc., as well as the inclusion of alternative players (Oliva debuted, failures such as Gerlo, Peralta, and Ruben played once again, etc.), yet there is no excuse to losing to a team the size of Olimpo, especially with such an abundant score. The only option now is to wait for the new season to begin, though things just seem to be getting worse as time passes.


loes said...

Hi Gonzalo, how are you, not to good i think after the match yesterday. I couln't sleep last night. I wish that they could win, after the last weeks, with a lot of trouble. I feel so sorry for them. Tomorrow my daughter is coming home, her boyfriend (you know) is taking her to the airport and we are picking her up at Frankfurt, Germany and then we drive home to Amsterdam. She had a great time in BA!


Locoxriver said...

Yeah, everything has been on a downfall lately. My big question is how we can absolutely destroy the current champions of the Copa Libertadores (Boca Juniors), yet we can't play a decent match against small teams such as Caracas, San Martin (SJ), Tigre, Olimpo, etc. I am just anxiously waiting for the new coach to arrive and bring some order to the team, getting rid of the players he needs to get rid of and bringing in some valuable reinforcements.

As for you daughter enjoying Buenos Aires, that's great to hear! I wish I could have been in her position: it would have definitely taken some of this "River stress" off of me.

- Gonzalo

Anonymous said...

Thank God I missed it. What an embarrassment.