Monday, November 26, 2007

Passarella's Replacement: The Search Continues

It's been almost two weeks since Daniel Passarella resigned from his position, yet River Plate have not been able to find a replacement coach. With Ramon Diaz, Carlos Bianchi, and Americo Gallego officially out of the race, "los Millonarios" have once again turned their attention to Diego Simeone. "El Cholo", though, is still coaching Estudiantes and would like to stay if his reinforcements are brought in for next semester. Simeone refused to talk about the subject for now, but did not discard the possibility either.

The clock is still ticking, and Jose Maria Aguilar does not want to be left without a manager. So in case Simeone refuses to join the club, our President now has a back-up plan which includes Jose Pekerman, Claudio Borghi, and Nery Pumpido. Of those three, the only one I wouldn't want to see is Pekerman, who has left me with a very negative impression of him after his time managing the Argentine National Team. In my opinion, many of his tactics and decisions made us (Argentina) lose the 2006 World Cup, and I wouldn't even want to think of having him coach River during a Superclasico or an important Copa Libertadores game. But putting all my thoughts aside, his arrival wouldn't be too accessible either, since he is doing well in Toluca and is earning plenty of money. Pumpido and Borghi, on the other hand, are easier options to bring in and are more identified with the club than, say, Pekerman.

In other news, River lost 2-0 to Colon on Saturday for the 17th Round of the Torneo Apertura 2007. Colon, managed by Leonardo Astrada, were the better side throughout the match, but it is important to be noted that Ariel Ortega, Fernando Belluschi, and Radamel Falcao Garcia were all absent on the home side.

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Christian said...

I doubt Peckerman will come either, but if he did it wouldn't be that bad, and he certainly couldn't do any worse. Yeah, I know he lost the plot in the WC, but up until then I thought he was doing a good job.

I would love Simeone to come, but I just can't see it. But do you really think Estudiantes will challenge next season?