Friday, November 9, 2007

Arsenal: 0 - River Plate: 0 - Copa Sudamericana 2007

River Plate and Arsenal tied 0-0 in a generally boring match played in Sarandi last night. The first ten minutes were fantastic, with River constantly pressuring. After that the team started relaxing, causing neither of the two sides to take the leadership role.

In the second half River began playing better again, especially once Diego Buonanotte stepped on the field, but the overall image left in the 90 minutes of gametime did not show a very offensive River. Either way Arsenal didn't do well either, and did not have the efficient aerial attacks that were expected. Our defense did a splendid job, with Tuzzio being at his best, Ponzio avoiding any possible threat on the right side, and Nasuti being solid. Danilo Gerlo left a few doubts here and there, but luckily enough for him the other three defenders covered his poor performance. Besides that, there isn't much more to comment on this goal-less match.

The second leg of this final will be played next Wednesday in the Monumental Stadium. Both teams are expected to improve in that game. One can expect a very offensive 90 minutes: no tie will get River through directly (0-0 goes to penalties; any tie with goal gives Arsenal the qualification), causing us to go out looking for the goal from the first minute. Arsenal will probably be more cautious and will be anxiously awaiting a counterattack. I am not a psychic, but this should be a very entertaining match with goals from both sides, contrary to what we saw yesteday.

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