Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I want to apologize to the regular blog readers for my lack of updates lately. I've had an extremely busy week with barely any time (if any at all) to type up game previews/reviews. I'll try to keep myself up-to-date from now on, though.

A few updates:
- River tied 1-1 with Independiente, almost officially eliminating any possibilities of winning the Torneo Apertura: we are now 7 points from league leaders Lanus, with just four matches left to catch up. Passarella seems to realize the difficulty of being crowned Argentine champions, so all the bets will now be moved to the Copa Sudamericana. Mathimatically speaking, though, River still has and opportunity of winning both competitions (Lanus can always pull a "Boca-Lavolpe Tricagon" campaign).
- Our match dates for the Copa Sudamericana semi-finals have been decided. The first match (away) will be on Thursday, October 8th, while the second leg will be played at home on Wednesday, October 14th.
- In order to change the first leg's match date, River's directives chose to sacrifice the next round of the Torneo Apertura by moving our game vs. Huracan to Saturday. This will be less than 48 hours after the Arsenal-River match, almost surely confirming that our starting eleven will be mainly substitutes.
- Radamel Falcao Garcia is now linked with both Italian and English clubs. His departure in December wouldn't be much of a surprise, especially with River interested in bringing in Carlos Villanueva of Audax Italiano (Chile). Could the Chilean be Falcao's replacement?

Aguante River!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I didn't realize the we play Huracán on Saturday now.

loes said...

Hola Gonzalo, thanks for the information again. I thought maybe you where sick or something.
I think they will win on thursday, i feel it!


Locoxriver said...

Haha.. Careful with your thoughts. Take things step by step: it is never good to be overconfident, especially considering how River always has difficulties defeating the "smaller" sides. Either way, vamos River!

- Locoxriver