Thursday, November 22, 2007

And One Day Ramon Said "No."

The title to this post says it all: Ramon Diaz rejected Jose Maria Aguilar's proposal to return to River Plate and will stay with San Lorenzo till atleast December of next year. The conclusion surprised many, especially with the Argentine Press nearly concluding that his arrival was confirmed, but nothing can be done now.

Today is Thanksgiving, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than by thanking our President for the return of Ramon Diaz. But why should he have gotten our thanks? Aguilar deserved to receive a slap in the face, not a praise, and that's exactly what he received. After dismissing Ramon in 2002, despite having the coach clearly win the Argentine tournament playing great football, the two have been getting along like Water and Oil, and many are forgetting that. A few years ago, Aguilar even went as far as saying in a press conference that Ramon Diaz would never return to River while he was in charge of the club. Now I hear some people critisizing Ramon for not returning when given a chance: "If he was a real River fan, he would chose River over San Lorenzo any day" is one of the things I've heard more than once. Well, put yourself in his position. If somebody fired you without a legitimate reason, would you return to save that same person's career? In most cases, no, and there is nothing wrong with that decision.

Of course this decision has brought more negatives than positives along with it. One that upsets me a lot is the possibility of having ex-River star Andres D'Alessandro join San Lorenzo instead of River in January because of his friendship with Diaz. But besides that there is a big problem circulating "los Millonarios" now. With the two main targets (Ramon Diaz and Diego Simeone) now discarded, who will replace Daniel Passarella? Claudio Borghi, Leonardo Astrada, Omar Labruna, and Americo Gallego are the most rumored names, though Aguilar guarantees that there is not one firm candidate in mind now. Personally, I am not too interested in seeing any of them. Of those four, I think Astrada would be the one with most chances of succeeding. Either way, he is comfortable in Colon and plans on staying there for next semester.

So who will coach the club if it's not them? Call me crazy, but I'd like to see Jorge Gordillo stay a while extra. "El Tapon" will be on the bench for the last three games of the Clausura, and maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to extend his term. He may not be the most luxurious coach in terms of tournaments won, but he is a person that is identified with River and already knows the players well since he's been managing the reserves for a while now. Of course if I had Ramon and Simeone as options, I wouldn't go with Gordillo, but there is no other "juicy" names going around, and I don't want to see anybody become our coach just because we need one. Besides, Ramon Cabrero was in Gordillo's position two years ago, and now his team (Lanus) is first in the Argentine league with just three games left. Whatever Aguilar's decision is, let's pray it's a good one.

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