Thursday, October 4, 2007

River to Face Defensor Sporting

Despite today's final result of 2-0 favoring El Nacional of Ecuador, Defensor Sporting were able to advance to the Quarter-Finals of the Copa Sudamericana 2007, where they will be facing River Plate.

The Uruguayans will be very tough rivals, who have a great squad and have been doing very well in International competitions lately. I won't be saying much more than that, though: look for the preview a few days before the first leg is played. :)

The first leg of the series is scheduled to be played on Thursday, October 25th, while the second match will take place in the Monumental on Tuesday, October 30th.

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loes said...

ok, it's the 25th, thats better.
I'm a little nervous for tomorrow!

VAMOS RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!