Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Harsh Reality: River's Economy

Last night, Deportivo La Coruña added themselves to the long list of Augusto Fernandez-wanting teams (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Villarreal, Juventus, Lazio, etc.). Add that to the possible departures of Radamel Falcao Garcia (rumoured to possibly go to the EPL), Fernando Belluschi (always wanted during each transfer window), and Juan Pablo Carrizo (scheduled to return to Lazio).

This is sad because River finally started playing well after a loooong time. If we maintain this team we could actually fight for championships and start winning things. Unfortunately, it seems as if Aguilar & Co. are at it again. I am not a fortune teller, but everything seems to indicate that the following things have a good possibility of happening in December:

- River will lose their "goleador". It had been since the Cavenaghi days that we needed one of these. Someone finally stepped up, and his name is Radamel Falcao Garcia. It would actually be more surprising to see him stay than leave. Our search for a top-scorer will have to begin once again.
- River will lose two right-wings. Augusto Fernandez is currently playing on the right, and Fernando Belluschi on the left side. When Fernandez doesn't start, Belluschi moves back to his original position. With both of them possibly leaving, who will play on the right side (let's see if anyone can actually come up with a decent answer)?
- River will lose their starting goalkeeper. Juan Pablo Carrizo's loan will end and he will return to Lazio. Juan Marcelo Ojeda proved to be a good goalkeeper, but after being inactive for months, will he be able to recuperate his form?

None of these players are guaranteed to leave, but can we really expect them to stay? Besides them, other unmentioned players could be on their way out: Nicolas Sanchez and Oscar Ahumada were wanted in Italy, Cristian Nasuti could leave in exchange for minutes at another club, etc. How can River expect to win championships this way? It hurts to say it, but our arch-rivals Boca Juniors have been more than successful this decade. Their secret? A good and stable economy, which does not depend on selling their key players every six months. A clear example of this is their starting foward Rodrigo Palacio, who has been at the club for almost three years now. If he were to have arrived at River, there is no doubt that he would have left a long time ago. Instead of relying on transfers, can't we be more like Boca in the sense of maintaining the same team for more than one season and actually win important things? Besides, this would eventually bring in more money due to tournament prizes, player values going up, an increase merchandise sales, etc.

I didn't want to break the ice in the middle of our good moment, but nightmares are beginning to creep into my mind once again. With Jose Maria Aguilar in charge of our finances, even the unimaginable is inevitable.

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