Monday, October 22, 2007

Gimnasia (LP): 0 - River Plate: 2 - Torneo Apertura 2007

During their match for the 14th Round of the Argentine Torneo Apertura 2007, River Plate were able to notch up their first away win of the season.

In the first half Diego Buonanotte put the ball past the net. Falcao then followed his footsteps, but the referee incorrectly called a foul on Gimnasia goalkeeper Cejas. Fortunately for the Colombian, he was able to gain his revenge by scoring River's final goal towards the last minutes of the match.

The game was important for many reasons:
- River has been having tremendous difficulties winning away from home. In fact, they were unable to win any of the eight played "outside" this season (till now of course).
- With Independiente losing to San Lorenzo, the difference in points between us and the leaders have now been minimized. Unfortunately, Lanus defeated San Martin (SJ) by a margin of 2-0 and our now the top team of the tournament. We are still five points away from them, with Independiente, Tigre, Argentinos Juniors, and Boca in between.

Ariel Ortega was once again the man of the match with his amazing passes and impressive ability. Diego Buonanotte also did great, scoring his second official goal in Primera. "The Dwarf" is not inscribed in River's Copa Sudamericana squad list, meaning that Daniel Passarella will not be able to repeat the same 11 that defeated Boca Juniors and Gimnasia (LP) on Thursday. Mauro Rosales, who came in in the second half yesterday, is expected to take his place.

Overall the team has made some major improvements as compared to early on in the season, with Ortega and Buonanotte's magic looking like the key to success. Radamel Falcao Garcia alo has to be thanked (the foward scored 6 goals in the last 4 games). The Copa Sudamericana and the Torneo Apertura, which both looked to be nothing else but an illusion before, are now becoming actually possibilites. Will Passarella and his boys find their long awaited oasis anytime soon?


Christian said...

Damn elections!! At least we have the Copa to tide us over, but I was hoping to keep riding the momentum.

loes said...

Damn elections? I think it's great for the team (and their friends) to have a free weekend!

Christian said...

Screw their families, quiero ver a mi River, carajo!

loes said...

excuse me?????????????????????

Locoxriver said...

I am actually all for the break: imagine having to play Defensor Sporting on Thursday, Independiente three days later, and the Uruguayans two days after. Jesus! That could mean River's elimination from both the Copa Sudamericana and Torneo Apertura in just two days.

I am anxious to see the team as well Christian, but there will be very little breaks from now on. We should take advantage of them while we can.