Thursday, October 25, 2007

Defensor Sporting - River: The Preview

River will be facing Defensor Sporting today in what will be the first leg of the Quarter-Final match up between the two. River will be fielding most of their normal starters, excluding Oscar Ahumada (suspended) and Diego Buonanotte (not inscribed in the squad list for this tournament). The following eleven will be looking for the win from the first minutes:

Juan Pablo Carrizo;
Paulo Ferrari-Nicolas Sanchez-Eduardo Tuzzio-Leonardo Ponzio;
Augusto Fernandez-Nicolas Domingo-Fernando Belluschi;
Ariel Ortega;
Mauro Rosales-Radamel Falcao Garcia

Mauro Rosales will be a bit more back, playing as a midfielder/foward. His role will be similar to Buonanotte's, the only difference being that he would play on the right side rather than the left.

Defensor Sporting's most dangerous player will be Carlos Maria Morales. Despite being 37 years old, the foward is full of skill and has already scored 4 goals (...golazos) in this year's edition of the Copa Sudamericana. There are several other fantastic players on this team, so River must be extremely careful when attacking (the Uruguayans could liquidate the match in a few counter attacks).

The match will be shown live on Fox Sports en Espanol at 4:00 PM Pacific / 7:00 PM Eastern Time. A replay/tape delay will be shown tomorrow (Friday) as well, at 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern Time.


Anonymous said...

A 2 all draw, we could easily had been up another few goals if not for some very sloppy passing in the final third.

I really missed Buonanotte in this game.

Can you clarify if this means we now play a second leg against Defensor at home?

Locoxriver said...

Yes. Regardless of the result, there was a second match scheduled for Tuesday, October 30th. The following is a list of who will progress to the next round depending on the final score of the match:

- River wins = River qualifies
- Defensor Sporting wins = Def. Sporting Qualifies
- 0-0 or 1-1 tie = River qualifies
- 2-2 tie: Penalty shootout to determine winner.
- 3-3 tie or above = Defensor Sporting Qualifies

- Gonzalo

loes said...

Hi Gonzalo,

Do you know a website where i can see the game (for free) online?
Because i hate it that i can't see the game tomorrow!