Sunday, September 9, 2007

River Plate: 5 - Velez Sarsfield: 0 - Torneo Apertura 2007

With 5 of 6 fowards missing due to injuries and International matches, our game for the 7th round of the Torneo Apertura pictured to be one with not too many goals, in any at all. To make things worse, Marco Ruben got injured early on in the game and had to be substituted by youngster Juan Antonio. Luckily the rest of the team (excluding Sixto Peralta) was on fire, an outstanding performance by Fernando Belluschi.

The team was once again able to play a fantastic overall game, proving that they are finally finding their rhythm. Besides the amazing goals (3 by Fernando Belluschi, 1 by Andres Rios, and 1 by Augusto Fernandez), the squad showed good teamwork and nice passes. With the win (and Boca's loss to Colon), we now have 12 points and are just 1 point away from the league leaders (Independiente, Tigre, and Boca Juniors).

The Player Review -
Juan Marcelo Ojeda: The goalkeeper didn't have much to do. At the beginning of the match Velez was very offensive, causing the ex-Rosario Central goalkeeper to make some great saves.
The Whole Defense: In the first half, the defense was very shakey. They improved in the second half, but this may be due to Velez's insufficient offensive power.
Augusto Fernandez: The right-midfielder continues on his run of good games. His speed and jukes are just amazing. He contributes a loooot to the team, not to mention his amazing shot that resulted in River's 4-0 lead. The negative news? If he continues with this great streak, it won't be too long before Aguilar sells him.
Oscar Ahumada: Oscar did a very good job recuperating the ball. He seems to improve every match, and I would love to see him keep up his current form.
Fernando Belluschi: Simply the man of the match. With 3 goals (all three being "golazos") and great team-play, Belluschi played his best game in a long time by far. I'd give the ex-Newell's a rating of 7 of 5 stars!
Sixto Peralta: I was not convinced by Sixto when he arrived at the club, and I still am not. He is slow, imprecise, and does not contribute much to the squad. I would much rather see youngsters like Diego Buonanotte or Sebastian Sciorilli receive a shot over "Mumo".
Marco Ruben: The ex-Rosario Central foward did not have enough time to do much. Unfortunately, he got injured early on in the match and has been added to the long list of unavailable players. For now, there is no word till when he will be gone.
Andres Rios: The youngster did well and even scored a goal. In fact, his goal was very important, fore it opened up the match for "los milllonarios". It may have not been perfect, but it was a positive display for Rios, who will probably start in our game for the next round.

Videos of the Goals:
23rd Minute: 1-0 (Andres Rios)
46th Minute: 2-0 (Fernando Belluschi)
61st Minute: 3-0 (Fernando Belluschi)
69th Minute: 4-0 (Augusto Fernandez)
82nd Minute: 5-0 (Fernando Belluschi)

Which one was the best goal? Truthfully, they were all great. Make sure to leave a comment leaving your opinion.

On Wednesday we will face Arsenal de Sarandi, a team that is currently ascending in gameplay and are becoming more and more dangerous as time passes. It will be a tough test, but if River get through it, they will prove to be a serious contender to keep the title.


Christian said...

Of course it would be the weekend I'm out of town, right!

Great news, absolutely made my day. I'm still being cautious about the rest of the season, but it was ABSOLUTLEY what they needed.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone wants to listen live to the Australia V Argentina friendly game it's on now..

Aussie River Fan

Anonymous said...

Halftime score

Australia 0 Argentina 0

Anonymous said...

All over, Aust 0 Argentina 1.

Demichelis scored from a header.

Entertaining game.

loes said...

I think the third goal(3-0) was the best with the big jump of Belluschi, great. What do you think?
And what about the new shirts???
I think the old one's are better!


Locoxriver said...

Loes: My favorite was the second one (2-0 by Belluschi) followed very closely by Augusto Fernandez's goal (4-0). The members of the team also voted the 2-0 as the best goal of the match.

As for the jerseys, I agree, I like last years better. Still, these aren't too new. In fact, they came out in March (6 months ago). I look foward to seeing the new ones in February-April 2008, though it would be sad to see the current home jersey change (I think it's one of the nicest we've had in a while).

- Locoxriver

christian said...

I like the current shirts, but what's up with the white shorts?

Locoxriver said...

It's a good luck charm. Until today's loss vs. Arsenal (1-2), River had gotten 10 of 12 points since we started wearing the white shorts.

- Locoxriver