Sunday, September 16, 2007

River Plate: 3 - Lanus:1 - Torneo Apertura 2007

With two goals by Fernando Belluschi and one by Alexis Sanchez, River Plate managed to defeat Lanus in a convincing manner and continue the positive winning streak at home. Unfortunately, both Boca Juniors and Independiente won their respective matches over Banfield and Colon. Either way, today's win was essential for our 2007 campaign: a loss would have left us 7 points from the top.

You may be asking yourself, why the picture of the Lanus player? Well, to tell you the truth, this has been a great week for me: I was able to witness Victor Zapata (aka the worst River player ever) with another jersey last Sunday, and today I watched the runner-up for that position (Jose Sand) play for Lanus. Since I was forced to suffer so much when Sand played for la banda, this moment was truly a pleasure to watch. As if his failure at River wasn't enough, Sand insulted the home crowd after his lucky goal. So after having to put up with his endless streak of missing clear goalscoring opportunities for River Plate, he pays us back like that? Jose, you have always been a failure, still are an underachiever, and will always be the same old lame player you are!

The Player Review -
Juan Marcelo Ojeda: The ex-Rosario Central goalkeeper did not have much to do throughout most of the match. He could have done better on the play that ended up resulting in Lanus' goal, but overall he did not do bad.
Eduardo Tuzzio: Eduardo, accustomed to being a central defender, took over Cristian Villagra's role of left-back today and did a good job. Unfortunately, he got injured in the first half and had to be replaced by Leonardo Ponzio. No word is out on how extreme his injury is, but he will most likely miss the match vs. Botafogo.
Nicolas Sanchez: The young central defender, who has started in all nine games this season, played a good game and looked solid throughout the match.
Danilo Gerlo: The ex-Quilmes player was able to play his first game since the 2007 Peace Cup. He had a decent match: nothing too espectacular, nothing too horrible.
Paulo Ferrari: Following Tuzzio's substitution, Ferrari was forced to move to the left side. He accomplished his mission and did everything to get the merits he deserves. Besides keeping the left side safe, he did not forget to attack and even contributed to two of the goals.
Fernando Belluschi: The ex-Newell's Old Boy's player had a fantastic night once again. He contributed to the attack, ran up and down the field all the time, and scored two goals. He has now scored six times this season, making him the top scorer of the team for now.
Oscar Ahumada: Yesterday's match was a "normal" game for Oscar.
Augusto Fernandez: Does this guy ever have a bad day? He never stops surprising the opponents, and is currently experiencing a good moment just like some of his other team-mates.
Ariel Ortega: "El Burrito" returned to the starting line-up after his injury and had more than one clear opportunity to score. Even though he missed many chances, he clearly attempted to give his all and did not forget to contribute to the squad with those precise passes. This may have not been the best "Burrito", but there is no doubt that the team benefits from his prescence.
Alexis Sanchez: The "Wonder Kid", as he is known in South America, made another great appearance and put the ball past the net for the second time since his arrival at the Monumental. His speed, jukes, and passes confuse the opponents in a fantastic way, which will most definitely help River during the season.
Marco Ruben: The ex-Rosario Central foward looked more active than in other matches, yet was unable to score. Still, he looked to find the ball as much as possible, which is a good thing. Careful, though: there still is a looot of room for improvement.

Halfway into the season, River find themselves 4 points from the two league leaders. Will they be able to continue the good football and reach the top, or will the mysterious irregularities take over and leave the team behind with yet another title lost?


Christian said...

Apparently it's getting worse.

I guess he's going to be fined now?! Insane.

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