Saturday, August 11, 2007


What happened to the good old days, when Alan and Adrian (Los Borrachos Del Tablon's leaders) couldn't be seperated, when the stands would sport thousands of red and white balloons, each of them displaying an anti-violence message? It seems that now-a-days all of that is gone, and it is affecting EVERYONE revolving around River.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the two best friends (Alan and Adrian) got in an argument involving the barra's incoming money in February. But it wasn't just any argument: the fight seperated the two and foreshadowed even worse events in the future. Not long after, there was an incident outside the Monumental in out debut in the Torneo Clausura 2007. In fact, a few weapons were present that day, leaving blood spills outside of our stadium on a game day that was full of families. But that wasn't the end of it. A few months later Adrian's house door had bullet marks left on it, although nobody was hurt. But the worst episode of this dramatic story happened just a few days ago, when Gonzalo Acro (Adrian's "sidekick") was shot two times in the forehead and once in the arm. After 32 hours of suffering from brain damage, the barra-brava member died, becoming the first fatal victim of the saga. Although he may be the first, everything seems to indicate that he won't be the last: Adrian has publicly promised to gain revenge on his ex-best friend and co-leader of 6 years. He has even received an offer from a close friend who has a fatal illness. This anonymous person is willing to risk his life in order to get payback for Gonzalo's death.

As mentioned previously, these unfortunate events have affected everyone, from Los Borrachos del Tablon, to River's staff and team, to the fans. What has happened besides this disgusting death and the destroyed lives of Acro's family and friends? Well, the security administration have decided to postpone River-Newell's due to the possibility of having another act of violence occur outside of our stadium. This means that we will have to wait yet another week to see the team, when we go visit current league title defenders San Lorenzo. This will also result in the exhaustion of our players, who will have to deal with Torneo Apertura, Copa Sudamericana, and postponed matches.

In other news, Daniel Vega (goalkeeper) and Nicolas Sanchez (defender) have bothed joined the team from Nueva Chicago, a now B-Division side. They have been added to our list of incorporations, which also include Sixto Peralta and Rolando Zarate. Besides them, Rodrigo Archubi has one foot in the Monumental, while the negociations for Alexis Sanchez are still taking place.

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Christian said...

I wouldn't worry about River's chances in the Copa Sudamericana, since Passarella never seems to take it seriously anyway.

I realize that LBDT can claim responsibility for some good in the terraces: no robberies, a great atmosphere, etc. But at the end of the day, is any of this really a surprise? When you allow people to do what they want, sooner or later they will get greedy and internal struggles like this will happen. And the outcome will always lead to violence.