Monday, August 27, 2007

San Martin (SJ): 1 - River Plate: 0 - Torneo Apertura 2007

The headline says it all. No comment.


Christian said...

So how about that River Plate Puerto Rico...

loes said...

I am so sad, i couldn't see the game, yes only for 10 minutes, then the satellite went down, i drove home very fast, to see the internet and i was thinking that they have won.......... how is that possible?
I know that you don't like to write about it, but who played good an who played bad? Is there an explanation?

Christian said...

IMO, the blame rests squarely on Passarella. The guy has clealry lost the plot, and doesn't have clue out there. yesterday was horrible, but it was no worse than anything I saw last year; defensive lapses, no creativity in attack, and the best player was the keeper.

Locoxriver said...

Truthfully no one played well besides Ojeda (the pleasant surprise of the season!). Tuzzio has been as horrible as he has been in the last games, Villagra had a minor improvement but is still doing bad, Ponzio is defending extremely poorly and is lowering his shot accuracy tremendously. The rest of the team wasn't impressive either.

The only ones I'll save are Ojeda (as mentioned earlier), Augusto Fernandez (came in as a sub, and is still "my" player), and Radamel Falcao Garcia. Falcao surprised me yesterday, due to his constant openings of space. Unlike Ruben, he ALWAYS moves around and finds a way to make contact with the ball. His shot accuracy may not have been the best lately, but he does contribute plenty and plays with heart.

Ortega and Rosales are two other great players, but they didn't do much last night.

This catastrophe has to end. Aguilar & Passarella: out now!

- Lokoxriver