Monday, August 20, 2007

San Lorenzo: 1 - River Plate: 1 - Torneo Apertura 2007

The night pictured to be a good one. After two suspended matches, River was finally going to debut in the Apertura 2007! Despite not having any big signings, I couldn't help but to get excited over the return of my favorite team to my television screen. But what I ended up seeing in the first half was more of the same: River continued their bad and unharmonized play, causing my faith on success to drop once again. San Lorenzo, the defending champions of the Argentine League, didn't show anything close to "jogo bonito" either, but atleast managed to find a goal thanks to a defensive disaster in River's area: Eduardo Tuzzio left Andres Silvera completely unmarked during a free-kick, leaving him alone to header after a good assist by Osmar Ferreyra.

After the half-time break, River were able to revert the game situation and now dominated the match. The bad passes, the "no longer than five second" posessions, the lack of heart, etc. now seemed like a thing of the past. It's not that that the team was amazing (in fact they were far from it), but they now actually looked like they had a shot of fighting up top this time around. The tie finally arrived after a controversial penalty was called in favor of "los millonarios". Later on in the match, Radamel Falcao Garcia hit the post with a great, potential shot. Unfortunately, we were not able to find the second goal that we deserved and had to be satisfied with a tie.

So what caused the big change in the second half? The answer is more than obvious: Ariel Ortega played the last 45 minutes as our playmaker, something we were missing in the first part of the game. Everybody insisted in the 4-3-1-2 formation, and yesterday's game proved why. The 4-4-2 does not fit River's style of play at all, reason for which Ortega should be River's playmaker through the rest of the season. Besides the need for one, el Burrito's amazing passes are still alive, making him a lot more suitable for this position instead of a foward. The Argentine Press claims that Passarella may be analyzing this option, but will he take action?

*Note: Click the text in red to view the goals.


loes said...

Hi how are you?
Thanks for al the information again. it's very important for me to reed things in English and not in Spanish.
Maybe you like to know, my daughter is leaving in oct. for two months to Buenos Aires!
And she arrives before the superclassico, so she can watch that game for real!! (Jealous)

Locoxriver said...

Oh, wow!! That's awesome! I envy her extreeeemely: not only would I love to go to BsAs, but I'm dieing to see a River-Boca live. She's definitely going to have a good time, no doubt about it.

Well, glad to see you are still around and visiting the blog. Readers like you make the time spent on this blog pay off.

- Locoxriver