Friday, August 17, 2007

Aguilar is at it Again: Loss of Three Players?

I must be a big fool to have fallen in Aguilar's trap. Just two days ago, I was celebrating the arrivals of Alexis Sanchez and Rodrigo Archubi, but I really shouldn't have expected things to last that long. Already three weeks into the Argentine Apertura, we are on the merge of losing three players: one defender, one midfielder, and one foward.

The truth is, we already lost two of them. The midfielder was Rodrigo Archubi. Although we did not sell him, it ends up that he actually had never signed a contract with River, despite basically being our player, and received a better offer from Olympiakos. It isn't a surprise that he decided to opt for the Greek team. The foward, meanwhile, is Federico Higuain, Gonzalo's older brother. He was sold to Besiktas of Turkey for $1,650,000 dollars. Higuain, who had arrived at 10 years of age at the club, was behind all the other fowards on River's list, so he chose to move to Europe.

The other player we may lose is Cristian Nasuti. Yes, when the club's dirigentes and coaching staff protest about the lack of central midfielders, they let their greed for money take over the team's ambitions of actually competing to win a title. Upon hearing of Olympiakos interest in "el Colorado", Aguilar instantly put on his guilty smile and decided to negociate with the Greeks. Archubi's new team is willing to offer 1.5 million euros for Nasuti, which, truth be told, isn't much.. especially considering that we only own 50% of his transfer.

At River there is no such thing as tranquility now-a-days. If it's not the internal barra-brava problems, it's Aguilar selling our players and hopes of winning something. If it's neither of those two things, it's our matches being suspended. The list can go on with infinite reasons of why our "fantastic institution", as Aguilar calls it, is being torn down in flames. The only cure will be to win a tournament this time around, but will it ever be possible with this President?

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Kartal Bafiler said...

Videolara göre karar vermek zorundayız ama fena topçuya benzemiyor,hoş gelsin :)

LeonPL said...

We started the season with a draw. I think it's not a bad result, my friend told me that River played some nice football in the second half. Sadly, I couldn't find the match on sopcast. Maybe next week I'll be more lucky(and watch River winning).
vamos River!