Thursday, July 5, 2007

Torneo Apertura 2007 Scheduled Released

The schedule for the 2007 semester has been created and known to the public for the first time. It will be tough, as usual, especially in the first half of the tournament:

1st round - 08/05/2007 - Gimnasia (J) vs. River Plate
2nd round - 08/12/2007 - River Plate vs. Newell's Old Boys
3rd round - 08/19/2007 - San Lorenzo vs. River Plate
4th round - 08/26/2007 - San Martín (SJ) vs. River Plate
5th round - 08/29/2007 - River Plate vs. Estudiantes (LP)
6th round - 09/02/2007 - Racing Club vs. River Plate
7th round - 09/09/2007 - River Plate vs. Vélez
8th round - 09/12/2007 - Arsenal vs. River Plate
9th round - 09/16/2007 - River Plate vs. Lanus
10th round - 09/23/2007 - Tigre vs. River Plate
11th round - 09/30/2007 - River Plate vs. Rosario Central
12th round - 10/03/2007 - Argentinos Jrs. vs. River Plate
13th round - 10/07/2007 - River Plate vs. Boca Jrs.
14th round - 10/21/2007 - Gimnasia (LP) vs. River Plate
15th round - 11/04/2007 - River Plate vs. Independiente
16th round - 11/11/2007 - Huracán vs. River Plate
17th round - 11/25/2007 - River Plate vs. Colón (Sta. Fe)
18th round - 12/02/2007 - Olimpo (BB) vs. River Plate
19th round - 12/09/2007 - River Plate vs. Banfield

River will have to get through a very complicated first-half of the tournament. In the first game, we must visit Gimnasia de Jujuy, who is always a hard team when playing at home. After that, we will have to face tough teams such as Estudiantes, San Lorenzo, Newell's Old Boys, Velez Sarsfield, Racing Club, Lanus, etc. The second-half of the Apertura will be easier, but will still include games vs. Boca, Independiente, Argentinos Juniors, and possibly some of the "surprise teams" of the season. We must also remember that Copa Sudamericana games will have to be added to this schedule, making it even more exhausting then it already is.

*Note: The schedule was taken off of River Plate's official website. Strangely enough, AFA's website has the same schedule, yet with different dates. If there are any changes, I will make sure to update them.


Anonymous said...


Aussie-River fan here again.

Thanks for posting the Apertura schedule, I was due to start my holiday in Argentina on the 11th of October but I think I will come early to catch the superclassico on the 7th of October.

Are these dates confirmed now? I note that you say that the AFA website has different dates?

Please help, I need to switch my flights around to suit.

Thanks as always.

Locoxriver said...

Well, I checked the AFA website today, and they have updated their schedule. It says exactly the same thing I had said in this post, so unless there is some change soon, the Superclasico shall be played on October 7th. I would recommend you wait just a bit more though. It would be horrible if you were to book a flight and end up missing the game.

- Locoxriver