Thursday, July 12, 2007

River Plate - Reading FC: The Preview

River Plate will be making their official debut in the 2007 Peace Cup tomorrow vs. Reading FC, an English side. Despite being in existence for 135 years, the team was barely able to play in the FA Premier League for one year: in 2006, Reading achieved a succesful season and was promoted to the top British division. They completed the season surprising many and finished in the 8th position.

Even though they are (obviously) not one of the big English sides, they do have some quality players on their current squad. One of them is defender Nicky Shorey. Shorey is considered a historic player at the club, having played 231 matches with the blue-and-white jersey and has recently played in the English National Team (1-1 tie vs. Brazil in June 2007). At the moment, he is only 26 years old and seems to be a great left back. Reading also has a good offense, which includes Kevin Doyle, an Irish foward. During the last season, he scored 13 goals in the Premiership and was named the Young Player of 2006 by the Irish FA.

As for us, we are expected to field a similar team to the one we've been seeing the last few seasons. Despite some heavy speculations, Passarella seems decided to continue using the 4-4-2 formation for now. If he does repeat it, we will most likely be seeing the following eleven on the field:

Juan Marcelo Ojeda;
Paulo Ferrari-Eduardo Tuzzio-Danilo Gerlo-Cristian Villagra;
Fernando Belluschi-A. Fernandez-Leonardo Ponzio-Matias Abelairas;
Marco Ruben-Mauro Rosales;

Unless their is a last-minute change, that will be our starting team. There aren't many surprises, but there will be a few substitutes: Ojeda will be playing for Juan Pablo Carrizo (currently with the Argentine NT), Gerlo for Federico Lussenhoff (injured), Abelairas for Victor Zapata (transfered) and Mauro Rosales for Farias (transfered; Rosales returning from an injury). This doesn't seem to be a bad squad, but if it were up to me, there would still be some changes. One of them would be to give a youngster a chance as a playmaker. This is only a friendly tournament, and his mistakes wouldn't cost us as much as they would during an actual championship. If anything, only positive things would be found from this experience.

In other news, Genoa are interested in Cristian Nasuti and would be willing to pay $700,000 euros for 50% of his transfer. Besides him, Diego Barrado is close to Olimpo ($400,000) and Juan Pablo Carrizo is still being negociated with Lazio (our demands have been lowered to 7 million euros).


loes said...

Just came back, it was nice to see, i think River played the first half better than the second.
But realy i dont't no much about football, i went with my daughter just to see........ and he was good ofcourse. I think the English boys thought the would win ha,ha. They were very big and rude!
After all, River were the best!
1-0 for River!!! Vamos River!!!!

loes said...

hope it will work

Locoxriver said...

It's good to hear the team played well. Either way, I don't want to get too excited: before the last semester commenced, the team was playing fantastic football and outplayed & outclassed Boca Juniors in two matches. But during the real season, we were the ones who did bad and they were the ones who ended up winning the Copa Libertadores.

Let's take things step by step and hope that the tables turn next season.

Christian said...

I agree that you can't get too excited over what are basically friendlies, but it's a new season and it's always good to start it off with a few wins.