Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28th: Updates

No big updates have occured lately, though minor details have happened. To start off, our debut game in the Torneo Apertura 2007 vs. Gimnasia (JJ) has been postponed till August 23rd. So far this is official, but it could be moved back: it was done due to River protesting that the Korean tournament reduced their training time. Boca Juniors and San Lorenzo barely finished their tours today, causing the "Xeneizes" to be angry and demand our match to be played Sunday. I, in fact, agree with Boca, and would prefer to have the match played on August 5th instead. Why? Simple:

1) I can't stand another minute without River. The last match I was able to see was on June 15th vs. Velez Sarsfield! A delay would make us all wait till August 12th, when we face Newell's Old Boys.
2) Moving the match would make our schedule a lot more complicated, causing us to play 4 matches in 10 days (19th vs. San Lorenzo, 23rd vs. Gimnasia (JJ), 26th vs. San Martin (SJ), 29th vs. Estudiantes). This would over-exhaust many players, especially since that would include two of our toughest games of the year, as well as a long trip to Jujuy.

Besides that news, more transfer rumours have been flying around. Unfortunately, Marcelo Carrusca is almost a Boca player: Galatasaray accepted Boca's offer. They had also accepted ours (which included bigger digits), but they weren't fully convinced with Aguilar & Co.'s form of payment. Now, the ex-Estudiantes must only sign the contract, and he will officially be a Boca player. Great! (*Sarcasm*) So, now that we have few alternatives for left-midfielder, who can we bring in? Well, our dirigentes are looking for business groups to put in some money and aquire Rodrigo Archubi. Lanus requests 3 million dollars for the entire transfer, while River will be looking to purchase only 50% through a method similar to the one used to bring in Belluschi and Rosales. Meanwhile, the possibility of incorporating Roque Santa Cruz has died down (he joined Blackburn Rovers). Besides these players, Ronald Raldes (defender) and German Montoya (goalkeeper) are still in our plans.

In today's friendly match vs CAI, which ended in a final score of 2-2, there was a pleasant surprise. "Sixto Peralta played and did well?" No, in fact he played for the reserves and didn't impress. "Ariel Ortega returned, and had an amazing performance?" Not exactly: He actually had the same story as Peralta. So what happened? Diego Buonanotte was given the opportunity to be our starting playmaker, and ended up scoring our two goals! The match was not shown on TV, but the youngster's performance was hailed as sensational. After all the praises he received, he was given a chance to prove himself and payed back in the same exact way that everybody expected. Will he be given an opportunity in our debut vs. Newell's? Perhaps, who knows? One thing is for sure: this kid has future.


loes said...

Hi, how are you? I read the scedule of the apertura and why are they sometimes play twice a week? I thought they play only every sunday! Maybe it is better for them to play indeed on 5 aug. But maybe the are not in the good physical shape because of the jetlag. 12 hours! I think you need a long time to get over that. And the long trip to Buenos Aires...but i think it was not so bad afterall, i saw many nice photo's from New York and Miami...
And everybody thinks Peralta isn't a good player?
Do you have good feelings about River when you think about the Apertura?
Will they win? I hope so!!!!

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