Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goodbye and Goodluck: Carrizo to Italy

It was too good to be true: River was winning every friendly match played till now and in a fantastic manner (at least according the Argentine press). Not only that, but no key players -other than Ernesto Farias- had been sold. Well, all our joy and happiness is now over: Juan Pablo Carrizo has been transfered to Lazio for $10,000,000 dollars. The club will keep a total of $7,500,000, after the players' and others' perecentages are subtracted. Who will replace Carrizo at goal? Well, for now it would be Juan Marcelo Ojeda, who has been the starting keeper throughout the Peace Cup. Either way, River's dirigentes are negociating to bring in Justo Villar. The 30-year old has plenty of experience, including a title with Newell's Old Boys as well as two World Cups with Paraguay (2002 & 2006). Newell's currently demand $1,200,000 for the goalkeeper, a price that is accesible. Despite that, he doesn't fully convince me: I would much rather go after German Montoya of Belgrano, who is valued at $1,600,000. Four-hundred thousand dollars more for a goalkeeper 6 years younger and with a bright future? Sounds like a good deal to me! Still, River have him as a back-up plan in case Villar cannot join us.

Meanwhile, Diego Armando Barrado will be joining Olimpo, a side that was recently promoted to Primera. Although a $400,000 transfer was speculated, Barrado will only be joining Rivarola's team on loan, due to River's high hopes of a raise in his price tag. Possible reinforcements? The closest one at the moment seems to be Marcelo Carrusca's $200,000 loan in. The ex-Estudiantes player is currently playing for Galatasaray (Turkey) and is excited about the chance of joining River. Luckily for us, he can play in two positions we lack players in: left-midfielder and playmaker. The negative part of this transfer would be that, in order for him to be a starter, either Matias Abelairas (left wing) or Augusto Fernandez (right/central midfielder) would have to be left out. These two players have been great lately and have been a key part of the team's recent improvement. I am hoping Carrusca's possible arrival doesn't stand in the way of their playing time.

As for our team, River defeated Shimizu S-Pulse by a margin of 1-0, with Matias Abelairas once again being our savior. This means that we would proceed to play the final vs. Bolton Wanderers by just tieing vs. Lyon on Thursday.


loes said...

Yes it's a pitty that Carrizo is leaving River-Plate. He is very good!!!
I'm gonna watch the game against Lyon tomorrow. But if River lost that game, they have the same amount of points as Lyon , so who is gonna play the final then? Are they looking who made the most goals?
I hope River wins! Vamos River!!!!!

Locoxriver said...

I believe the team with the best goal difference qualifies. One interesting fact: if Reading defeat Shimizu S-Pulse, then River, Lyon, and the English side would all finish with 6 points!

Christian said...

Do you have an FBTZ account? They should have info on how to get the Lyon game? I think I can honestly say that I'm interested in watching.

LeonPL said...

I hope that Lazio will qualify to this years Champions League, and we will have oportunity to see Carrizo performing as excellent as always. Almeyda, Crespo, Salas, Simeone, Veron, C.Lopez - many great players have played for this club and juan is having a chance to become another legend.
it's sad that CARP lost to lyon, but I'm glad to see that belluschi is playing well. another match, another assist.