Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Few Transfers, More Rumours

After a few weeks of vacation, River Plate's players have once again met up for training with Daniel Passarella and the rest of the staff. Surprisingly, not many players have been sold (Sambueza being the only one, yet he was only loaned out) and no new players were incorporated. Still, there is about one month left till the beginning of the second semester, in which the team will (hopefully) compete for the Torneo Apertura and Copa Sudamericana 2007.

Even though there is no concrete news on transfers, there are still plenty of rumours flying around out there. Three of our fowards are still being chased after by other clubs, and may be on their way out of the club soon: Ernesto Farias (pictured above) is wanted by an anonymous Italian club. His represenative claims that it would round $4,000,000 dollars, but would have to be analyzed, since a French team is also interested in him. We must remember that River only own 50% of the ex-Estudiantes player, leaving us basically the same amount of money we invested in him about 2 years ago.

Federico Higuain is also wanted by several other clubs, and may also end up in Italy. Reggina are willing to pay $2,000,000 dollars, the same amount River requested when Estudiantes asked for him, so he has very high possibilities of moving to the "Old Continent". But he won't be migrating by himself: if it's not with Farias, it could be with Marco Ruben. Even though no club names have been mentioned, there are rumours of an Italian interest in him. No official offer has been made, but a rumour is a rumour. Edit: In fact, River now claim to have received a $3,250,000 dollar offer from Kia Joorabchian for 50% of the ex-Rosario Central foward's transfer. Kia is the same man who bought Javier Mascherano, Luis Gonzalez, and Carlos Tevez. We will just have to wait and see if his future is with a red and white jersey or not.

Other than fowards, the usual three are being mentioned. Juan Pablo Carrizo is still highly-wanted, yet no club is willing to step up and offer the $10,000,000 River requests. The closest offer has come from Lazio of Italy, who would be willing to deposit between 5-6 million euros for the goalkeeper. For now, the offers wouldn't be accepted, which has made his representative a bit impatient and angry at River's directives. Meanwhile, Danilo Gerlo is still wanted by random clubs. He claims to plan on staying at River, though, unless a highly-prestigious club is interested in his service. Last but not least is Fernando Belluschi. The midfielder is being negociated with Zaragoza of Spain at this moment. For now, the Spanish club hasn't presented a formal offer, but has made an official interest in the player.

As for players returning from loans, most (if not all) of them will have to begin planning their future elsewhere: Javier Gandolfi will be released and will become a free agent, Andres San Martin will extend his loan with Arsenal (Argentina) for $100,000 dollars, Gabriel Loeschbor might follow San Marin's footsteps, and Leonardo Talamonti is being negociated with Atalanta of Italy (same club that wants Oscar Ahumada).


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know the name of the agent, who acts on behalf of Greek teams, regarding Higuain and Ruben?

Locoxriver said...

Sorry, no names have been released. The only information that is known is that Higuain and Ruben were being negociated by a business group with a Greek club. Sorry for the lack of info!

- Locoxriver

Locoxriver said...

To Loes: I tried viewing the video, but it wasn't working. =\ (?)

Maybe you can send me an e-mail mentioning what it was about? Is there another link to this video?

- Locoxriver

loes said...

Send it to you again!
Hope it wil work now!