Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Transfer News: June 6th

Victor Zapata: It has been confirmed: the left wing will not stay in River. Ramon Diaz still wants him, so his possibilities of joining San Lorenzo in July are very likely.

Pitu Barrientos and Walter Erviti: They have been discarded for economic reasons.

Pablo Guiñazú: The player is willing to leave Libertad, but his transfer costs $1,500,000 dollars. The dirigentes offered the Paraguayans a list of players that could join them as part of the payment: Abelairas, Oyola, Fede Higuain, Toranzo, and San Martin. Still, other clubs, such as Gremio, Internacional of Brazil, and Velez, want him.

Patricio Toranzo: Sporting Lisboa are interested in the right wing and will intend to negociate a loan with River. This seems very likely, since the player is not in Passarella's plans.

Lucas Castroman: His name is once again going around in the halls of the Monumental. There are rumours of a possible trade for Diego Galvan.

Federico Lussenhoff: The defender's loan with River ends on June 30th, but his continuity at the club seems easy: he has his transfer in his hands (he used to be owned by Cruz Azul), so he will meet with River's dirigentes next week.

Ernesto Farias: Monterrey had put his transfer on standby upon hearing of River's request of $4,500,000 dollars for his sale. They decided to go after Humberto Suazo of Colo Colo, but have returned to el Tecla's waiting list after hearing that the Chileans want $7,000,000.

Oscar Ahumada: An anonymous Italian club is after the defensive midfielder. There are currently three other firm players in the team who play in his position (Ponzio, Lima, and Domingo), so his departure is not impossible.

Cristian Nasuti: The defender is in Colon de Santa Fe's list of possible incorporations for next semester. Leonardo Astrada, their current coach, has requested him.


Anonymous said...

Do you know something of Danilo Gerlo, cause Salzburg ist interested?
They are also in contact with Spolli!
One of them could be come to Salzburg!

LeonPL said...

I've heard that Lazio still wants JP Carrizo. any new rumours?

loes said...

do you know anything about the peacecup in Korea? I read on the internet that Passarella don't want to go!
greetings from Holland

Locoxriver said...

First off, thanks for all the questions. Here are the answers:

1) To "anonymous": Yes, Danilo Gerlo is still linked to Salzburg of Austria. He isn't a starter in River, and hasn't ever really convinced since he arrived a few years ago. His transfer seems very possible. As for his style of play, I wouldn't say he is too good. He sometimes plays with heart and courage, but he messes up a lot (gives away the ball or messes up in other ways) and isn't too talented. If I were your club's President, I would go after someone else.

2) To leonpl: Yes, Lazio still want JP Carrizo, but they have not made a bigger offer yet. In fact, many sources claim that he is very close to joining........ West Ham!?!? That's right, Tevez's current team and Mascherano's ex-club. Kia Jooriban, the same guy who paid the millions for ex-Boca and River players, would be willing to put in ten million euros, an offer that would be hard to refuse. No formal offer has been made for now, but it is expected to arrive soon.

3) To loes: It's true - Passarella was upset about the cup. Well, not necessarily because of it, but because it would cut his preseason training short. Still, it's some good money for River and the papers have already been signed, so our participation doesn't seem to run too much risk.

If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for stopping by!

loes said...

Hi, thanks for your answer. But i realy don't understand what the preseason ment. I know, their last game is june 17th. Why practise after that? Don't the have some vacation? For me it is difficult, because i'm dutch and i don't speak spanish, sometimes i translate a webpage from spanish to english, but that are very strange translations. So please can you explain?

Locoxriver said...

Yes, the preseason training is a vital part of the team's performance. This is tough training and is very important for the team to get ready for the next semester.

The training usually involves a lot of running and usually focuses on stanima and the players' physical level. River haven't won a single tournament in the last 3 years, so Passarella, the coach, is looking to prepare the team in the best way possible to fight for the Argentine Apertura 2007 and the Copa Sudamericana 2007.

Anyway, if by the time the team is done with the Peace Cup, it will almost be time for the new season (begins in August), so they won't have time to do this training. Therefore, the must do it before the Korean tournament is played.

- Locoxriver

f|33tStA said...

@Locoxriver: i haven´t an account, that´s why i posted "anonymus", anyway, my nick is f|33tStA :D

Thanks for the information, hope i will hear an update soon, cause my search bots couldn´t find any rumours of Gerlo or Spolli on sites like

loes said...

Thanx Locoxriver for the answer.Now i understand!
I hope that you keep us informed!!
I see that you are from LA. why are you a River Plate fan?

Locoxriver said...

Well, I am Argentinean and have always been a River Plate fanatic like the rest of my family. I was born in Buenos Aires and moved to LA 10 years ago. It hurts to be so far away from the club, since it's a huge part of my life, so I interact online to stay as close to them as possible. I was originally going to write this blog in Spanish, but then decided to do it in English? Why? Simply because there are thousands of sources in the country's native language regarding River, and very few in English.

How about you? I am assuming you are a River Plate fan as well. Are you dutch, or do you just live in Holland? How did you end up supporting the team?

Hope to hear more from you soon. Thanks for stopping by!

loes said...

i send you a mail!