Saturday, June 16, 2007

River Plate: 3 - Velez Sarsfield: 2 - Torneo Clausura 2007

River Plate's 3-2 win over Velez Sarsfield yesterday meant the end of a horrible season for "los millonarios". Despite not playing a great match, the team played well in certain moments of the game and had several players who played well. The best players were Diego Galvan, who was once again a starter after a controversial week, and Matias Abelairas (picture), who will get more minutes after the departures of Victor Zapata and Rubens Sambueza.

River started off winning 2-0 before the first half was done, thanks to Diego Galvan and Danilo Gerlo, who scored one goal each. In the second half, Velez were able to tie the match (Papa and Escudero scored), but River quickly found the goal and put themselves up again just three minutes later. Overall, it wasn't an important match for us, but it wasn't bad to see a win after such bad performances recently.

The Player Review -

Danilo Gerlo: Scored the second goal after a nice header. Played well, but I still wouldn't be too upset if he left to Switzerland.

Paulo Ferrari: The ex-Rosario Central player did good but was unfortunate to be expelled towards the end of the game (didn't deserve it, in my opinion). If he remains at the club, he will be forced to miss the first match of the Torneo Apertura 2007.

Cristian Villagra: Some good points, some bad ones. I still believe he was a very bad incorporation, due to failing to impress me in any of the matches he played this season.

Diego Galvan: Arguably the best man on the field. He ran plenty, played well, and scored our first goal. Augusto Fernandez remains as my first option, but Galvan proved to be a worthy candidate as well.

Rene Lima: Another midfielder who played a good match. The youngster has been playing with a lot of heart lately, and has been starting to earn himself a spot. Preferred over Oscar Ahumada.

Matias Abelairas: As mentioned earlier, the left-winger played a very good match and was at the top of the list, next to Galvan. He assisted the second goal (perfect free-kick center to Gerlo) and scored the third one. He has done well in every match he's played in this semester, and may be a very interesting proposal for the left side next semester.

Radamel Falcao Garcia and Marco Ruben: Neither of the two fowards did much (..if anything).

After a very disappointing semster, the team will soon begin to prepare for the future. We must now hope for a more successful second-half of the year. The first glimpse of the new team will be in about a month, when the team begins the 2007 Peace Cup in South Korea (schedule posted on the right).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wrap up, always informative!

Your Aussie fan.

loes said...

I'm glad they won, when is the next game, somewhere in august?
I hope there are not so much problems as this season. I feel a little bit sad when i think about it.
What do you think, are the gonna play good in Korea?
Did you get my email, by the way?

Locoxriver said...

The next game will be on July 13th vs. Reading FC, for the 2007 Peace Cup. The first official game, though, will be for the Torneo Apertura 2007. The schedule has not yet been released, but it is know that it will be at the beginning of August.

How do I think they team is going to play in Korea? I am not sure. It all depends if the winning spirit is revived and if the squad starts feeling closer to Daniel Passarella. Another important factor would be knowing who will play, both for River and their rivals.

As for the e-mail, I did not receive it. Hmm.. odd. Maybe it ended up in my spam folder and I erased it accidently. Feel free to re-send it if you have it saved somewhere.

- Locoxriver