Sunday, June 24, 2007

Possible Reinforcements and Sales: June 25th

Joaquín Larrivey: River are planning on bringing in the "goleador" in case some of the current fowards are sold (see below). Larrivey is Huracan's current top-goal scorer with 19 goals in 39 games. He attracted several club's interests, due to his team's good campaign in the Second Division, and was eventually bought by Cagliari of Italy for $1,000,000 dollars. "How would he arrive at River if he was just barely sold?", you may be asking. Well, "los millonarios" are looking to request a 6 month/1 year loan, which would benefit both teams: River are looking for a foward, while Cagliari would benefit from a raise in his value. He could be a good option for now.

Marco Ruben: The dirigentes are looking to make a powerful transfer this semester, and the ex-Rosario Central player's price tag is the highest of our current fowards. Spartak Moscow would be willing to deposit $6,700,000 dollars in order to keep Ruben.

Oscar Ahumada: Atalanta of Italy have bought him for $2,000,000. This was a good sale, mainly because of our surplus of players in his position (Ponzio, Domingo, Lima, etc.). **Edit: It seems as if the transfer won't be going through: The Italian side were not able to present the necessary funds, so the defensive midfielder will stay at River for now. **Edit #2: Atalanta asked for a few more days to be able to come up with the cash, so his possibilities of departing have once again risin.

Diego Galvan: He is wanted everywhere: San Lorenzo, Independiente, Velez, Olimpo, and a Mexican club are interested in incorporating the midfielder. Estudiantes want to buy him along with Federico Higuain. River have requested $2,900,000 dollars (2 million for Higuain, 900,000 for Galvan).

Andres D'Alessandro: No, before you get excited, he isn't returning to River. It's just that River will receive $150,000 euros because of his transfer to Zaragoza of Spain. In a way, this makes me angry because he was bought for just $3,000,000 euros. If you think about it, that is basically the same amount that we payed for the useless Cristian Villagra and Juan Marcelo Ojeda!

German Lux: Mallorca still haven't bought the goalkeeper, and his future is uncertain. I would love to have him stay, but with Daniel Passarella as coach it is nearly impssible. If he doesn't reach an agreement with the Spanish club, "el Poroto" may opt to join Independiente or Colon de Santa Fe.

Leandro Gracian: River Plate, Boca Juniors, and San Lorenzo are all interested in the ex-Velez Sarsfield playmaker. Despite that, he is just an option for now.


Anonymous said...

Is AEK Athens interested in Marco Ruben on loan from River?

Locoxriver said...

I've heard of his negociation with a Greek club, but no names have been given. If it is AEK Athens, though, I am pretty sure River would not let him go out on loan. They invested about $4,000,000 dollars in him just 6 months ago, why would they let him go on loan? Not only that, but the club is looking to incorporate a new foward, and it would be just plain stupid to let a young, talented foward leave the club on loan.

Thanks for your inquiry. Feel free to ask any other questions.

- Locoxriver

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response. Since Ruben's transfer from Rosario, Pasarella seemed a little hesitant in using Marco in the starting lineup, although his statistics were satisfactory. So it might be wanted to have the player loaned to a European team, that especially faces the Champions League challenge, imposing a high buy-out option, to check upon him, and have the returm claim active. This might explain the loan action. If you're close to CARP officials, I would appreciate if you could share any info regarding AEK Athens interests on River's players