Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nueva Chicago: 2 - River Plate: 2 - Torneo Clausura 2007

Yet another disappointing weekend. I apologize to all the blog readers who want to hear about the match, but I just cannot talk about our games nowadays. They are pointless and have no meaning, and the team plays with no heart. I am just waiting for next semester to begin. Luckily for me (..and most River fans), there is only one more game left till the tournament ends.

The only interesting thing that has been happening at the club lately are the transfer rumours. Just like in previous weeks, there couldn't be any missing this time. Maxi Lopez seems to be very close to re-joining River Plate. His loan with Mallorca is about to end, and he will return to Barcelona. The problem is, there isn't a shot in hell of him playing even a minute with Barca's jersey next semester. Therefore, the Spanish club is interested in loaning him out and giving him a better economic value in the future. So where does River come into this? Well, the club is looking for a foward (especially with the possible departure of Ernesto Farias), and Maxi is supposedly willing to return for a year.

What do I think? Well, to tell you the truth, I really don't know. I never really thought he was that great of a player, but I loved the "baile" he gave Boca upon entering the field for an injured Marcelo Salas in 2004. Unfortunately, the other image I have of him was when he missed the penalty vs. Boca that left us out of the Copa Libertadores that same year. Other than those two matches, he was never someone I liked that much.

Either way, I guess it wouldn't be that bad: he isn't a bad player and the club would be getting him for a very cheap price. My only problem with his arrival would be that the youngsters wouldn't get too many chances. Aside from that, we need a goleador, and that doesn't match Maxi Lopez's description (or pretty much any of our starting fowards').

I guess only time will tell if he returns or not.


loes said...

Hi Locoxriver, thanks for the mail!
But what about the match yesterday?
Did you see it. What happened at the end of the game with the penalty? Was there a problem on the field?
I heard live comment on my computer during the game but as you know, i didn't understand it. Only when they say:gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!
O and i hope they fired that ugly looking president!

Anonymous said...

Hi locoxriver, love the blog!

Am an Australian River fan (there are a few of us!) who enjoy your blog.

I also support Sydney FC in the A-League, we are looking for a striker we can pay up to US$1mil per season.

Do you know any off contract Argentinian strikers that we can suggest to our board?


Locoxriver said...


Thanks for visiting the blog! Readers like you guys are the ones that keep me motivated and encouraged to continue publishing posts on the blog. A huge thanks to you two!

1) To Loes: There was a huge problem at the end of the match. The referree called a penalty in favor of River in the dieing minutes of the game (90+), but the penalty itself did not exist. It's not that the foul wasn't there, but because Marco Ruben was fouled outside the box. The referee and the assistant interpreted it as inside the box, so they called a penalty. This call made all of Nueva Chicago's team go crazy, due to them needing the 3 points badly since they are fighting to stay in Primera. The match had to be detained for a while because of substitute players and staff entering the field. It was a riot, and even Nueva Chicago's coach (Ramaciotti) was caught on camera saying "Ferrari, miss the penalty or you won't make it out of the stadium". Paulo Ferrari, despite being threatened by the rival coach and begged to miss by the rival players, went on and shot the ball in. The referre made him repeat it, due to a Nueva Chicago substitute being in the field at the time of the shot. Ferrari did not hesitate and put it through the net once again. After the game the players were outraged and the fans were too. They (the fans) started to get violent and had encounters with the police... I hoped this answered your question!

2) To "anonymous": Thanks for visiting the blog. Sorry, I cannot really help you with this. If you are talking about paying $1,000,000 per season contract to the players, you can get pretty much anyone. Rodrigo Palacio of Boca Juniors is the best paid player in the Argentine League, and he earns exactly that amount. Every other player is far behind. The hard part would be negociating with the clubs, but the contracts should be taken care of easily if they round those numbers.

Take care.