Thursday, May 17, 2007

Transfer News: May 17th

River, despite not playing well and having a very poor performance, has attracted several foreign teams due to the high quality players the club has. One may have thought that this semester would be an exception to the high number of sales "los millonarios" make every 6 months, but that is not the case:

05/17/07 -

Pablo Aimar: The newspaper Crónica have stated that Aimar has been talking with River's staff and has expressed his desire to return to Argentina. "El Payaso" will always be welcomed in River, especially when we are in our current situation. The sooner he returns, the better. Grande Aimar!

Juan Pablo Carrizo: Milan of Italy, as well as several English and Russian clubs, still want him. As soon as he gets his European passport, you can expect him to be on his way to the old continent.

Juan Marcelo Ojeda: Surprisingly, the ex-Rosario Central goalkeeper might leave. He has barely played one game this whole semester (vs. Colo Colo when River was already out of the Copa Libertadores).... and that is exactly why he wants to leave. If Carrizo's departure becomes a reality, Ojeda will become the new starter. If not, he prefers to leave and gain minutes in a different team. So far, there aren't any known clubs that are actually interested in him.

Fernando Belluschi: The business group that owns 60% of his transfer wants him to leave in June. Some Italian, Spanish, and Russian clubs want him, so he isn't expected to stay for too long.

Ariel Ortega: The main surprise of the day was Necaxa of Mexico's interest in "el burrito". Ariel loves River and has recently been gaining more minutes. It seemed as if he was slowly regaining his spot, but now the Mexicans want him on loan for a year, and he is willing to join them. Will he leave?

Paulo Ferrari: Sevilla of Spain, who won the UEFA Cup a few days ago, are interested in the ex-Rosario Central player. They've been wanting him since last year and this time it looks like he'll be on his way to Europe.

Rubens Sambueza: A Greek club, said to be AEK, have enquired about "canito"'s price. He hasn't gotten too many minutes, and was never able to live up to his hype, despite being at the club for years now. If the interest is firm, I don't see what will stop his transfer.

Augusto Fernandez: Some teams requested an asking price, but River would like to keep the youngster for atleast another year.

Marco Ruben: A $6,700,000 dollar offer from a Russian team is expected to arrive within the next few days. Of the $8,000,000 River paid for the Central trio (Villagra, Ojeda, and Ruben), approximately $4-4.5 million dollars were paid for the foward. He's been at the club for less than a semester, but the offer sounds tempting to some dirigentes. Does this mean the loss of yet another young talent?

Ernesto Farias: An unknown Mexican team is interested in him. Close friends of him have recently expressed his desire to migrate, so el Tecla, just like many other players, may be well on his way.

Raúl Bobadilla: A young foward from River's lower divisions, who has never played a match in our first division. 50% of his transfer was sold to Concordia Basel for $500,000 dollars.

Julio Cesar Caceres: The international Paraguayan defender played for River in 2006 on loan. Since then, Passarella has insisted that the club sign him, and has done it yet again. This year, he's been a starter for Tigres in every single match the Mexicans have played, so his arrival sounds complicated. Still, "los millonarios" will make an effort to bring him in on loan.

Walter Erviti: An Argentine midfielder who plays for Monterrey of Mexico, a club that was able to win the Mexican tournament with Passarella as coach. Since we have no solid left midfielder, and Zapata will be leaving (thank god!), "el Kaiser" has requested him.

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