Tuesday, May 8, 2007

River Plate: 1 - Independiente: 1 - Torneo Clausura 2007

Sorry for the post delay, I've been a bit busy. Either way, I don't think it's a post-review many of you would be excited about. River tied 1-1 with Independiente and lost a great opportunity (again) to minimize the difference between us and San Lorenzo to 4 points.

The team didn't have a bad start. To tell you the truth, the first 25 minutes weren't bad at all. River wasn't showing fantastic football, but they were clearly controlling the match. Then, Augusto Fernandez scored to give us the 1-0 lead over "los diablos rojos". After that, the team seemed to relax, and Independiente were able to find the 1-1 tie thanks to an inspired Rodrigo Diaz (who came in for an injured Daniel Montenegro). Later on, Independiente almost took the 3 points since River would not attack clearly.

The Player Review -

Augusto Fernandez: River's best player, despite his red card in the second half. He scored River's only goal, and was the only one who actually seemed to want to attack. Fortunately, he will be able to play on Sunday vs. Independiente due to River being able to take use of the 225 Article (allows a club team to bring in a suspended player when another player is on International duty.. in this case, Augusto Fernandez for Nicolas Dul, who is with Argentina's youth teams).

Matias Abelairas: Tried to attack several times and didn't have a bad game (definitely a better option than Zapata). The only thing that caused me to be angry at him is the time it took him to react to Independiente's goal. He was standing next to Machin (who scored) the whole time and took forever to realize that the ball was going to go to him. He could have avoided the tie if he was more alert. Watch the replay to see what I mean. The replay from the back angle is the best to see what I'm referring to.

Oscar Ahumada: Un nuerto. He gets worse and worse everytime. He's my new Zapata. :D I can't wait till the kid Domingo comes back. He's a genious, and Ahumada.. well, he's not!

Fernando Belluschi: Very, very, very poor performance. Will he ever return to his oldself again?

I don't feel like reviewing the rest of the team. It's pretty much pointless. Two words sum them all up, though: low performance. No one really did much. After the match several hundred fans gathered in the stadium to protest and request Passarella's departure. "El Kaiser" replied by saying that they are "going to have to keep on cursing at me for 2 years and 7 months more (when his contract ends)". **Sigh**

River's chances of keeping the tournament are still alive: a win on Sunday vs. San Lorenzo would put us only one point away from them with 5 matches remaining. Even if we do win this game, I still don't see us lifting the trophy. The team has been having very poor performances for a while now, and we still have several tough matches ahead (i.e. - Estudiantes, Godoy Cruz, Velez, etc.). I don't see anything positive happening, at least this semester, but still..... Aguante River!

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