Sunday, May 13, 2007

San Lorenzo: 0 - River Plate: 0 - Torneo Clausura 2007

River Plate tied 0-0 today with San Lorenzo de Almagro. The game itself was not entertaining at all, and neither side really reached the others' with danger. You may say San Lorenzo was the better team, but they didn't play a good game either and barely had any shots.

No one other than Ortega actually played well for River. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

The Worst of Worst -

Diego Galvan: Basically expelled himself at the 3 minutes of the first half by elbowing an opponent. He left River with only 10 players and pretty much took away our offensive chances. Why am I saying this? Think about it: Zapata and Ahumada don't have a clue on how to attack, leaving Augusto Fernandez as our only offensive midfield. How is Augusto going to get the ball up front all by himself? In other words, Galvan took away the teams hope of actually taking the three points home.

Victor Zapata: In my opinion, the worst player on the field. Horrible, horrible, horrible game. It was a typical "Zapata game": take three hours to give a pass, move like a robot, make your moves and passes obvious, and then give the opposition a nice counterattack. A horrible player who didn't contribute to the team neither defensively nor offensively. Hopefully he leaves the team in June, when he will become a free agent.

Danilo Gerlo: Gave away a ball that almost ended up being an assist for Lavezzi (the only reason it didn't end up in goal is because Carrizo saved it). That was San Lorenzo's only clear chance in the first half. Other than that, Gerlo didn't do much.

The Rest of the Team -

Juan Pablo Carrizo: Surprisingly, he didn't have to do much, due to San Lorenzo not having too many clear chances. When he was needed, though, he made every River fan feel secure. He continues being the only player on the team who has been in good form in every game this semester.

Ariel Ortega: He was one of the few players who was actually trying to go out there and win. He did some interesting things and I would love to see him receive even more minutes.

Radamel Falcao Garcia: His first game as a starter since his injury. He played about 70 minutes, but was never able to take a shot. It wasn't necessarily his fault, though: the ball never got to him.

Augusto Fernandez: I think he was our best player behind Ortega. He tried to attack but couldn't do it all by himself. Nothing spectacular, but atleast he made an effort.

Oscar Ahumada: The Fox commentators praised him, but I personally didn't like him much. It may have been due to his few commitments to our offense. We needed to attack a lot more, and he was helping much in that aspect. When Ponzio came in during the second half, the team started attacking a bit more.

Marco Ruben: Good player. He was a sub and came in for Falcao in the second half. Just like everyone else, he wasn't able to attack with too much clarity, but atleast was able to make the team move up a bit more.

Overall, the team was everything but impressive. The tie did not benefit either side: River remains six points away from the top with 5 games left, while San Lorenzo's difference over Boca might be minimized to only one point depending on Boca's result vs. Arsenal today. If we had won games like the ones vs. Colon and Independiente (ended 0-0 and 1-1 respectively), today's result wouldn't have been at all bad. San Lorenzo is a very tough team to beat (remember, they beat Boca 3-0 and won every single game in their home stadium this season -until today-). But due to our current situation, the tie has basically left us out of the fight for the tournament. Six points away from the leaders, with tough matches such as the ones vs. Estudiantes, Velez, Godoy Cruz, etc. ahead of us. There is no way we are winning anything this season. I guess will just have to wait till the Apertura to renew our hopes.

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