Sunday, May 20, 2007

River Plate: 0 - Estudiantes: 1 - Torneo Clausura 2007

The final score between River Plate and Estudiantes (0-1) hides the truth. River dominated the whole first half, and played excellent football. In the second half, without Ariel Ortega who was red carded, los millonarios' level of play dropped, yet we still managed to play better than Estudiantes. Our rivals were lucky to score at the 48 minutes of the second half. River did not even deserve a tie: we deserved a win. Unfortunately, we had to face not only Estudiantes, but also the referree.
The Player Review -

Ariel Ortega: El burrito managed to play yet another good game. He made a great duo with Belluschi in the first half and was the heart of River's attack. In the first 45 minutes he received a yellow card due to protesting. In the second half he received the second yellow for a handball and was expelled. This caused River's offensiveness to drop, and will also leave us without Ortega next week vs. Gimnasia (LP).

Fernando Belluschi: Arguably his best game this semester. He played great with Ortega, and after "el burrito"'s expulsion, he was left as River's only leader. He contributed a lot to our offense and recuperated the ball as well. This was the closest he's gotten to last semester's Bellluschi.

Radamel Falcao Garcia: The Colombian foward also had a good game. He ran the whole game and was River' only foward for the last 45 minutes due to Ortega's red card. He wouldn't stop running and put in a great effort. He was forced to leave the field at the end of the game. Hopefully it isn't a new injury.

Juan Pablo Carrizo: Our goalkeeper just keeps on getting better and better. He didn't have much to do in the first half, but in the second half he saved plenty. Let's just hope he doesn't get his European papers ready this summer so he can stay a while longer.

Rene Lima: The young #5 had a good game. He opened up the field several times and gave nice passes. He impressed me much more than Oscar Ahumada, who didn't play because of an injury.

Nelson Rivas: The Colombian defender had a good game and was very solid. Was it a coincidence that Estudiantes scored in the last few minutes, when "Tyson" was out of the field due to an injury?

Furchi: A very bad game for the referee, who favored our rivals. Marco Ruben scored a legit goal towards the end of the game (45 minutes of the second half), which the ref called offsides on. That would have most probably meant a win for River, since Estudiantes wouldn't have had time to score the tie. As for the rest of the game, Furchi "forgot" to call obvious fouls in favor of River. Overall, a very poor performance from the ref, who cost us the 3 points.

Next week we will be facing Gimnasia (LP), though the game won't mean too much: today's loss has left River 8 points away from the top with just 4 games left. A championship win is nearly impossible.

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